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Jazzy-ass Tunes
My top electro and dance picks.
9 0 obstacle2
Sad Summer Songs
An eclectic collection of songs I associate with the past summer, not necessarily summery (like PDA - Interpol, really?) or even sad but you...
7 0 obstacle2
my personal favourites
the songs that i can listen to forever and ever and ever
4 0 bonniebonbon19
shut the hell up
for when someone stupid is bothering you and all you want to do is shove in your earphones and drown the world out. so that's exactly what y...
0 0 bonniebonbon19
eyes open
for lying on your bed on a wednesday night, your eyes wide open, with no intention of sleeping.
5 0 bonniebonbon19
Andrew McMahon
I freaking love him. So much
3 0 howaboutno7
Nathan's Life Soundtrack
These are songs that seem to represent the many phases of my life.
3 0 nathanwnelson
Psychotic? A Lil' Loopy? Need Counseling? Just songs that touch on the subject.
23 0 Sue866
Great Australian Bands
32 0 scratcher
0 0 lineman666
3 0 lineman666
music that sends me
0 0 lineman666
Title is pronounced "rock". I made this mixtape (an actual cassette, no kidding) to listen to on the way to "work", hence the mispelling. ...
20 1 gray96
3 0 demoncard
Touched my Soul
2 0 MartinSagel
2 1 ty108
2 0 revlar003
Emi's world
Metal, rock, Hardcore, and songs that make you stronger!
0 0 Scenegirl64
Sad Love Songs
2 0 ElectraDee
lame ass niggaz
real shit
0 0 fireboss
favourite songs and amazing lyrics
5 0 keepurheadup
I'll always love you
3 0 alterEgo
My Favorites
2 0 koolfaze01
Songs That Bring Me Back
For one reason or another, these are songs that just bring me back to junior high, high school, or junior college. They've touched me deeply...
3 1 buzzygwood
drink drink drink
life and times of a drinker and thinker
5 0 keefoldbilly
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