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My real life experiences and everyday life.
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Old Genesis Songs
Genesis early music with Peter Gabriel
17 0 dan6523798
Buttfuckers reunion
3 0 salko901
The Cure
Is about my fellings :)
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independent cottages
[url=http://www.lifehack.org/496110/9-stunning-cottages-for-a-great-uk-holiday]independent cottages[/url]
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my favs <3
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Great songs!
The mixtape includes 'Not Letting Go', 'Professional Griefers' & 'Hotline Bling'!
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Greatest All-time Songs
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Van Morrison
tunes i listen most often
4 0 tabernacledan
Just your typical in love with your best friend playlist
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Fucking deep, bro
it deep
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Lazy writing
This is a mix of songs (mostly that I really enjoy AND have bought in cd or iTunes format) but that I feel like they have just been lazily w...
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Amazing Epic Rock
I love epics! It it's 10 minutes it's fantastic! ;) I usually find that when a band writes epic tracks they put a lot of effort into constr...
15 0 Zargoth
Johnny Flynn
9 0 mdsmailbox
27 0 Sue866
leonard cohen
2 0 johngolden1
Bob Dylan
meaning of life
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Alternative Mix
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Twenty One Pilots
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Don't screw with the South
A good amount of songs that let everyone know. Don't screw with the south.
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I can't find or meet any friends anymore on here. I use to connect and it was cathartic for me
please delete
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Fortunate Son
2 0 kristianhis460
Act II
The beginning of the third out of four phases
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