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Cut Me Open & Find Out
Music that interprets my emotions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fY5WpHrONU
17 1 jcsm246
papa roach
3 0 cmankin1
new fivefold
13 0 cmankin1
That Warm Feeling
Songs that you could relate through memories and desires, songs that you can listen to over and over again and still get that warm nostalgic...
17 0 RustyGuitar
0 0 Prolexic
The Wall
0 0 johnlockisreal
This is the songs I listen to become inspired to finish drawings and storys
9 0 johnlockisreal
Good Vibrations
Songs that really strike a "chord" with me.
33 0 skylar1000
"Songs of the Human Heart"
Any song that I can relate to in some way, shape, or form!
2 0 Bubbly123
dustin and christina
these songs have so much meaning for me and dustin
0 0 zombEninja77
Render Me Speechless
For a girl
8 0 notdoc
frozen songs!!!
7 1 SunsetCake
Hey Girl+2. I like the way you Rock and Roll. Me like the way you Rock and Roll. The love you give is Equal to the love you take.. I lik...
0 0 Fleam
90's Girl Rock
Just created a Spotify Playlist called 90's Girl Rock with Girl Rock Singers including Suzanne Vega, Tracy Bonham, The Cranberries, Heath...
12 1 davewav1
dat phunky.. jus a bringin it shit.............
2 0 theClyde
fave songs
37 0 SunsetCake
Kinda Sad, Kinda True
Pretty self-explanatory.
29 0 mangosloveydove
I could be a Hero
3 1 davewav1
11 0 skylar1000
Raver Tracks
7 0 skylar1000
Les Miserables
4 0 skylar1000
Indie Rock/Pop
18 0 skylar1000
Guilty Pleasures
2 0 Racquel
4 0 Pejch
20 0 scratcher
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