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Going to test this out.
2 0 kai1169580
Gaffa-tape mix 1
Whenever I need cheering up
2 0 Photographymat
2014 Artists of the Year
Billboard's best selling artists selected based on music or lyrics as representing the world of 2014.
2 0 DavidMalibu
MUSE - Absolution
14 0 anka
2 0 marianadg
2 0 katherineranae
Matters of the Heart
I made this one for a couple of friends I met at a summer program. I tried to capture feelings that I/we felt at the time. Dunno how succe...
14 1 gray96
Sometimes I feel a little angry
My bad, self-loathing, punk rock days.
2 0 Angrypoet
It's not what you think...
Songs lyrics' that are misleading
1 2 oltomcat56
Visne Teip
Min favorittmusikk
4 0 bobbiehat
The past three years
24 0 lucynthefknsky
Lexy Lou Who - The Soundtrack to My Life
Songs that are essentially the soundtrack to my life if it were a movie
5 0 lexyhurt
Parklife-blur Taken for a fool- Strokes Creep-Radiohead Cousins-Vampire Weekend Hey-pixies Horchata-Vampire Weekend We're going to be ...
2 0 guccidude
2 0 Mkcoleb
this is now, tomorrow it will be different
kuulan mingit kummalist lugu, mille salvestasin 2011-ndal aastal siia
0 0 brokenbiscuit
System of a Down discography
All of SOAD's original songs.
77 0 I'm_Who_I'm_-_
Feel me
14 0 Karatop
Keep Moving On
1 0 innerbeauty92
Soul fulfilling
3 1 innerbeauty92
5 0 courtnado
Teen angst
1 0 courtnado
best of days worst of days no matter how pretty or rich
baby you will survive
5 0 courtnado
Follow Your Heart
This mix of songs is about being patient and understanding that your true self lies within your heart. Life is full of so many twisted roads...
11 0 innerbeauty92
first try
figuring it out!
4 0 CaptSibigeu
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