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Im an outcast
2 0 ko041100
0 0 toodlooo
Hackney Crackraid Rock Band 4 Collection
The list of Rock Band tracks owned by Hackney Crackraid
20 0 Charlie_X
Pop favs
2 0 GoldieHoneyB
covers I have done
All of the songs I've taken a stab at, or even stabbed to death, and the blood is still on my hands, as the song lays at my feet squirming i...
8 0 eatbliss
Inspiring Metal Tracks
Tracks that inspire my day to day thinking, and writing, and are considered metal.
2 0 Deadnation
Songs I Like
2 0 ktobias
My jams
2 0 Froswag
The highs and lows of experiencing a crush.
0 0 rustyoldguitars
Favorite Clubbing Jams from 1994 to 2000 something???
Back in college in MY day. Way back before Y2K and all that. Yes, I'm old. These were my favorite dance tunes at da club.
46 0 Sue866
Sad lovely women music
Gregory and the Hawk, Dillon, Lana Del Rey, Daughter, Amy Winehouse and things on their style
5 0 I am ALY
same sex love, love, stuff like that. sorry im a hopeless romantic DX.
2 0 trigram8910
My first mixtape!
Not sure yet... ;-)
0 0 ClaireF
3 1 Tsmofo
Songs that make me think of the Bucky/Natasha relationship in Marvel.
13 0 natvv
Buy Curtains Online..!!
0 0 ryanjose
Rainy days/tired days
Just songs that calm you down.
1 0 agaragar1122
The bi-weekly ob-sessions :)
It's that time, the new set of songs that refuse to vacate your head so you listen to them over and over and over. Then you must learn every...
0 0 i8bb4fr33
about you <3
songs that help me try describe you
0 0 wasssuuuppppp
When I'm Feeling Miserable
It's just stuff I listen to when I'm depressed or that helps me get through the day.
2 0 trigram8910
PhD program applications
Scaffolding, cascades, differentiation fates and commitment to cell-cycle completion
14 0 kirs10
All of my favorite songs :)
2 0 Catieunicorn
9 0 thiller
☹ sad songs ☹
this is a mixtape straight of sad songs
0 0 imatravesty
Pop Punk Lives On
Pop Punk. It's one of my favorite genres next to alternative.
2 0 trigram8910
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