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2 0 zacmichael2000
black female R&B
Da Jamzz
It's basically about the songs that make my life just an ounce better.
6 0 Kayla416
My music
My mood music
23 0 JJ8052
Songs Describing My Life
As the title suggests, these are songs that connect to me on a deep level.
2 0 lianna1154
that girl no one knows
i'm that friend that gets replaced after awhile
11 0 gd0fobpatd9ptv
And Never Look Back
Maybe this time I won't wake from the dream.
12 0 davidecoyote
its by Katy Perry and its my favorite song to here from her and its awesome too.
0 0 dolly3583
The 40 Year Old Teenager
Songs I like and love from the 80s to today
2 1 WordyNerd
Songs I Love
2 0 angelnhall
Empire state of mind
0 0 jasonhughes203
Healing the soul
The realization of what somebody means to you when it's too late...
2 0 squonk3
well this year is closing, not really just the school year and we, the class of 2k15 is about to graduate so lets put all our grudges and be...
3 0 tuesday22
1 0 scratcher
Fading Away
8 0 spockernation
Valentine's day ReMix
A mixtape not about love but about how you feel on Valentine's Day
7 0 dan
Smiling Just A Little Bit
15 0 thewordgetsaround
drunken wallflower
everything I guess. Songs that make me happy and I like to blog to.
2 0 drunkenwallflower
Savannah's Tape
This is a mixtape for my fiance Savannah
14 0 spockernation
My raves
Songs through out my life From different times in my life. All different emotions arise when I hear some of these songs. Happy, sad, depres...
3 1 Queeneaq01
Songs That Will Never Get Old
I could listen to these songs over and over. Best songs ever written!
36 2 Fifi834
Modern Love
The best soul-gripping, great sounding, unforgettable tunes out there.
29 0 gina-marie
Pop Ballads
My favorite pop ballads!
4 0 melomanie
Music is awesome
Music is awesomeMusic is awesome
2 0 ldpandasparkle
8 1 Sue866
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