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May Death Never Stop You
My Chemical Romance songs.
4 0 luvtheh8trs
Armor For Sleep
Amazing band that should have had more recognition
5 0 AshleyCouture
You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds
6 0 AshleyCouture
Roy Acuff
2 0 phyllis808
So close...
13 1 SuperiorSpecimen
no words needed
2 0 notastudent
The title is self explanitory
2 0 5soshustler
Just songs that I love.
0 0 emilyxa
Overused AMV Songs
Popular songs that often appear in an anime music video. No fandom is complete without them.
5 0 CookieCat
Kansas favorites
1 0 westmenstudios
11 0 scratcher
Some Favorites
Compilation of songs that I absolutely adore
14 0 SleepyIndie
Ounce of Self
Ounce of Self band
0 0 TheShaunXD
Before They Were Famous
Early attempts at immortality
6 0 vivienne10
The first EP by singer/songwriter Tony Burton
5 0 tonyburton
Home, Like No Place Is There
Just some songs that I listen to and like. My music taste is a mix up and not just one genre. Most of the songs are just based on how I feel...
5 0 SukiSune
3 0 alterEgo
All About That Bass
Songs that have great bass guitar and/or double bass.
4 0 FunRocks
brilliant covers
brilliant covers by brilliant artists of brilliant songs i already adore. ^_^
3 0 lichka
The Mortal Instruments
songs that remind me of the book series The Mortal Instruments
7 1 CamberIsSo
Love Songs
basically a bunch of really sweet songs about love
5 1 CamberIsSo
For Her
Songs that I plan on singing to my future wife.
1 0 MWagoner
unpack bitch
i just moved and i need motivation to unpack
18 2 highschoollover
Hey Joe (You shot your woman down)by tim rose
Hey Joe, where you goin with that money in your hand Hey Joe, where you goin with that money in your hand Ya know I'm gonna go downtown ...
2 1 Stormin
my songs
0 0 michael146
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