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Twenty One Pilots Mixtape that I have No Idea what to call.
This is a series of TØP songs organized in a way that send a message of "I know what your going through, but I survived it and you can to i...
0 1 maddi11259
Frikkin' Faves
all-time favorite songs that never get old
15 0 ClaudiaCA
4 0 drizzle64
one night
2 0 djblackmoon44
my songs
just some song's i like
7 0 courtkitty9895
Time to relax and calm down
1 1 AnnKristensen
Word is love
2 2 whoshat
20 2 boufantgirl
A little trip down memory lane
36 1 uselessaffluence
Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways...
A few of my favorite things.
5 3 _triCERRAtops
Music that has meaning for me
2 1 phelix9
0 0 mrbskywalker
G's Fav's
My current favorites
8 2 MesquiteMom
3 1 yahir
boomerang rock
2 1 poutinegurl
Songs for Sadness
These are various(but mostly heavy metal) songs which help me when I feel sad or depressed.
14 3 RookieGTO
4 0 timothy108
12 0 Sue866
Off to see the Wizard!
Dorothy's Trip to WonderLand!!
5 0 schroebelc
a female ghost
her walking away.
8 0 youwalkaway
5 0 knight8879
Hey Catnip
The lyrics of all of the songs on my Hey Catnip fanmix.
14 0 spacegirl92
The mixtape that probably 90% of the people here will hate.
The music I like...
0 4 RookieGTO
Thinking About Blue
2 3 ellabluepaskel
Just bored, and really love Bring Me The Horizon, sooo...
5 6 TheBroken
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