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this is now, tomorrow it will be different
kuulan mingit kummalist lugu, mille salvestasin 2011-ndal aastal siia
0 0 brokenbiscuit
System of a Down discography
All of SOAD's original songs.
77 0 I'm_Who_I'm_-_
Feel me
14 0 Karatop
Keep Moving On
1 0 innerbeauty92
Soul fulfilling
3 1 innerbeauty92
5 0 courtnado
Teen angst
1 0 courtnado
best of days worst of days no matter how pretty or rich
baby you will survive
5 0 courtnado
Follow Your Heart
This mix of songs is about being patient and understanding that your true self lies within your heart. Life is full of so many twisted roads...
11 0 innerbeauty92
first try
figuring it out!
4 0 CaptSibigeu
This is my mixtape of my role model: Marina Diamonds (AKA: MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS) and I'm having fun and playing around with my favorite g...
29 0 Marina4Life
Gamzee Makara, wasted blood
D--> How Gamzee Makara is a complete and utter humiliation to all high bloods land dwellers and see dwellers alike.Songs included are: Dirty...
3 0 Equius Zahhak
Slow Dances in Hell
1 0 joseph1178
Best Expression of How REAL Love Feels
Lyrics I've found over the years that MOST ACCURATELY portray and express how it feels to love and be loved. Not lust or infatuation, fairy ...
2 1 ItsYours
Just compiling a soundtrack for my story, called "Forsaken". Feel free to look if ye wish.
9 0 ForsakenKing
relax, It'll go from here
8 0 Brostep0s
Training - (Running, MMA or Bagwork)
This is just the stuff that I tend to listen to as I train, the stuff that gets me pumped up and/or inspires me to keep going and push throu...
19 0 TheMusicMan201
This playlist is for everyone who is going through the ups and downs and needs encouragement :) We cannot go through transitions alone :)
6 2 innerbeauty92
soundtrack for life
4 0 kilahbear22
iPod lists
66 0 Brostep0s
there and back again
3 0 corrado
Heloo?!Who doesn't like this?
It's not really about...anything! Im just new and thought Id put on a few songs I like to try this out ;)
2 0 luvtheh8trs
It's all about hard rock and heavy metal
3 0 BlazeRed
lovely - Sara Haze
It is a song stating u dont have to be any one but yourself.
0 0 chlopa16
best songs
4 2 lucecita692003
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