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Stuff for her
9 0 lael3227
1 0 nojelly4u
21 1 fallon
evolve evolve
All the stages that you experience love. In no particular order.
5 0 janielow
It's the second in a series I'm making for a girl I know.
15 1 YawnyFlint
I Feel It All
Lyrics that I relate to in this phase of my life.
3 0 sjadethecountry
0 0 ShakespeareHaha
My Favorite Things
A few of my favorite songs
163 1 JeffKaos71
good songs to drive too
8 2 JeffKaos71
Driving Mix 1
Tunes that you listen to when taking that early evening drive to just get away for a while.
3 0 brian
h a r d c o r e
0 0 hasbo
Randomness #2
A second random mixtape. Everything random!
30 0 TheIntimindator27
One step forward, two steps back.
12 0 darthvegan117
GRUNGE: Relaxing
My favorite genre is Grunge, and I like the different TYPES of it. This playlist is for the more "relaxing" and "soothing" songs in Grunge, ...
8 3 NoPride
Happy Song Mix
A lot of happy songs if someone needs some cheering up!
126 2 TheIntimindator27
My Future Car Rides
When I'm able to drive, I would like an awesome mixtape to drive along to.
17 0 Monztah
Go to songs
The songs that I listen to when I feel happy or sad or angry or whatever.
18 0 WannabePunkEmoKid
Summer 2010/11
7 0 clairus
summer is setting
3 0 ERmco23
Songs For You, Dearest
5 0 dixiesgreendaygrl
If you're going to say shit now you'll do it out loud...
9 0 what do i get
The Story Of My Life
0 0 CocaineMasquerade
The Story Of My Life
0 0 CocaineMasquerade
The Yay
All songs on the CD I play in my car. I named the CD "The Yay". A lot of cool songs.
10 0 MaoMao27
Favorite Song Mix
Some of my favorite songs, all by different artists.
20 0 TheIntimindator27
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