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Chillout Music
0 0 ladunning
11 0 Nazanin
0 0 robyn1118
Josh gaither faves
Songs i try to live by, or relate to, or just love
2 0 gaitherjosh
My Life:)
the ups and downs. smiles and frowns.
19 0 hannahbear95
Angels to Zodiac
Songs for the 50 Themes AU that I'm doing with my girlfriend.
2 0 masheli
Favorite Lyrics.
This mixtapes are just FULL of my favorite lyrics by my favorite bands.
3 0 sexifreakshow78
cool f-ing beans
songs that i have to listen to over and over again!
3 0 hardcorerockerchick74
i set my soul on fire just to feel the burn
music that makes me feel
9 0 Haley311
songs that remind me of someone~
7 0 wendyswing13
1 0 olivia11
the xxson mixtape
for xxson brought this awesome music in my life.
3 0 LittleBastard
Pure Insanity
This is the result of raising your child to the awesome riffs of Van Halen, the screams of Aerosmith, the awesome British-ness of Def Leppar...
1 0 ClassicRockBaby
Song's I've commented on.
2 0 valentine9
Chuck Soundtrack - Seasons 1, 2 & 3
0 0 deiawood
ballistic trauma
15 songs.
1 0 theysinkships
Aout 2010
ne plus penser à rien, se sentir vide et vouloir partir
6 0 MorbidIris
Songs to Ponder
These are just songs that make me think.
11 0 SparkleNShine
Rock. <3
7 0 Sammyss8
2 0 jociedash
Thoughts from August
Just as the title suggests, the songs that are on my mind this month
16 0 Tarrant7575
Song Meanings
Meaningful Songs
0 0 north_jones
killed by metal vol. I
it's kind of like those killed by death lps that have a lot of punk singles on them. this is the metal version. mostly NWOBHM related.
3 0 elliott666
About Death
0 0 Snuggler
1 0 AndrzejNH
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