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White Noise
The sound of silence put to song
2 0 andtracee
The 'What If's of Life
WHAT IF things always went the way you wanted them to? Plans never got ruined, you never lost your cool, everything was perfect... Sadly,...
12 0 iNiks
The Wedding March
Songs I'd love to have at my wedding reception.
6 0 iNiks
dance dance dance dance dance to the radio
10 0 artslut
The Imminent
Things that we all deny but, deep in our hearts, know are true.
16 2 iNiks
Just the music i love
12 0 lilreaper720
Living Auto Pilot
Do you know the feeling when you only remember waking up but the next thing you know, you're already dressed? You live days, at times, on au...
9 0 iNiks
0 0 greenie1979
Gold in the Air of Summer
This would be a collection of songs that have been circulating through my iTunes religiously this Summer.
15 0 PaintMeAnything
summer/fall 2010
Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved country music. Then she grew up and discovered rock. Now she knows what good music really...
9 0 Johannahlee
2 0 gorky
love becomes a ghost
waiting .
13 0 teaforphantoms
Music with a burning passion
Songs i just cant live without. Love it, live it, dream it. But don't let others get in your way.
7 0 oceanheart13
Dear Radiohead,
A love letter in my favorite Radiohead songs.
9 0 cocojanelle
my life
0 0 rhorow
0 0 hobbes67
3 0 twostarhotel
Songs For Autumn...
7 0 HurricaneBrad
some of my favorite songs
7 0 ladypeace
some favorites
11 1 timeismyvessel
Fuzzy Mix
I love all types of music, so my tape will probably be very ecclectic, but filled with songs that move me.
44 0 fuzzball73
today my heart swings
21 0 dblaith
Favorite Songs
Well, I guess I can put down any songs I like. Anything that has to do with love, hate, sex, and even some funny things. That's all I can mu...
0 0 ballroomblitzkid
0 0 Loui01
1 0 colourburst
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