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bobby darin
2 0 david10155
bitches day
go to beatstars.com and listen to history uh look going in im killing it throwing these verses killing me dead just got some head i feel ...
0 0 roberta115
The Story of My Life(no pun intended:)
6 0 dancedarling73
4 0 tranquilkim
2 0 FrankieBear
Yeah boi
3 0 piercethealex
It's My Life
17 0 Sue866
Songs that are unique to my point of view
Sound happy but lyrics are extremely deep
2 0 GabrielleLynnA
Dood what is up
good songs
9 0 redninja757
breakin benjamin
2 0 Tenebris
This is all about love, broken heart, depression and hope.....a perfect blend that gives the psychedelic kick on the back of your mind!
46 0 sshiblys
A Court of mist and Fury
ACOMAF by Sarah J. Maas
2 0 rattlethestars
bobby the brown
2 0 silentdroid
Moonshiner by Bob Dylan
2 0 wolfgang360mlg
Music that helped me
This Mixtape is about the music that helped me through my depression and times of loneliness. If you dont like the music then thats YOUR opi...
14 0 DamienGrooms
Muse For A Bunny
Women with beautiful voices and songs with deep meaning
10 0 Bunnymuse
Hippie Feels
5 0 Wulfie52
best alternaive songs
2 0 sivana
mixtape 1
7 0 747captain
Johnny cash
7 0 747captain
Never ending moment of happiness
About still being able to love after the disaster has appeared. Finding out that every emotion could still be the same even when everything ...
0 0 KayTina
my music
Music I like
4 0 joseph1026
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