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songs of December
Just a mash of songs that mention December in their lyrics =) Feel free to suggest any more!
11 9 musicgypsy
P&J Wedding. Volume 1
This is a mixtape to compile the songs I want to make sure we remember to have played when I marry the sweet, dearest love of my life, my so...
2 21 arithmetik
Okay so it's not just indie, there's also alternative, rock, folk, and other genres but yeah. There's no theme. it's just the music i have b...
20 8 ftwmusic
Sexy Chill Time
This is music that I find both relaxes me, and gets me in the mood. It just makes me feel good. I hope it does the same to you. -T
30 17 Triskut
Mardy Bum
13 20 4Little5Little6LittleIndians
the meaning of mee
0 31 mixeedbaabymycah
Dear loser ex-boyfriend
Dear loser ex-boyfriends of the world, Here's something for you. Enjoy! Truly yours, Clear-headed ex-girlfriends of the world
21 6 Enooby
All types of genius song intros
Nuff said!
15 24 PJudge
Funeral Songs
Songs that will play at mine. Come to mine and maybe I'll go to yours.(The Original Mix, not an imitation)
18 5 DanStranger51
Dance mix
21 20 Enooby
Mud On The Tracks
A break-up album.
24 12 caleby
This goes out to all you hipocronites. Don't dish or act out what you can't take yourself:)
Songs for Atheists and Non-Believers
Here's a list of some songs that atheists can appreciate.
27 9 alecw19
Unspoken Words In My Life. (stuff I wish I could have said)
They most likly won't see this. Everyone can relate to atleast one of these songs
25 6 SultanOfSwing
Worst songs ever.
Songs that made me want to punch myself in the face.
15 10 XNeverMind
indie ROCK
11 6 guyswithrecordcollections
This is a tape of semi-depressing music, but it's all good music, so listen :)
10 14 shouse043
Songs for my babe
I used to be feminist92 but decided to make an alternate account with my new email because I grew tired of my old one and kept being mistake...
9 15 eveseagle
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs
A nice selection of my favorite songs.
173 7 JohnnyLurg
Sadface :(
The only one I truly love does not return their feelings. I just want to curl up into a ball and watch the world end. (Whhaaaaa!)
8 17 kaotic73
The Worst Songs To Play At A Wedding
We've all be there. Whether on the dance floor, at your table, or waiting at the bar, a song comes on at a wedding and you think... do they ...
9 3 dan
For making me smile again
16 11 PJudge
Pink Floyd Volume 2
oh where would pink floyd be without Syd Barrett???
6 16 moonshadowbird396
Putting the Fun in Funeral
Another funeral mix - how original, huh?
13 11 TheRandomGuy
I'm Yours.
Songs to my best friend who I love to death. Who knows but is afraid to hurt me. Who I will live the rest of my life hoping for.
30 8 Meguca
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