Pissed at Society Collection

SometimesI get mad. I get mad at how pacified most people are. I get mad at the injustices the government inflicts on us as well as the rest of the world.. I get mad at organized religions shovin' their opinions in my face. I just get mad.
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  • Needs more songs, but a good start. Wish I could put them in my preferred order but no big deal.
    NateFairbankson April 01, 2012  
  • I love this. That is all.
    XNeverMindon April 01, 2012  
  • Alex Jones' favorite songs, no doubt. All that's missing is a couple RATM or System of a Down songs.
    tannerjdheard97on April 01, 2012  
  • Life is too short to be "pissed." Look to the left; to the right; in front of you; and behind you. One of those people have it worse than you do; that's what I try my best to remember, although some days it's more difficult than others to remain optimistic:)
    BringOntheMusic2012on April 01, 2012  
  • That's why you get even. No reason to be pissed then.
    bellababyon April 01, 2012  
  • Sorry, Bell. I am angry only with myself for not accepting defeat much sooner. You never needed me or had plans to put me in your life so everything will simply quietly revert back to the way it was prior to our 'meeting." And I wish you the best, although I know you don't need any luck. You're one tough cookie and I salute you for that. Now hopefully I can and will be at least half as tough when it comes to my own life. Take care.
    BringOntheMusic2012on April 01, 2012  
  • :)
    Thanks and good luck to you.
    bellababyon April 01, 2012  
  • I never needed you. I don't need anybody. I was there because I thought YOU needed me. That blew up in my fuckin' face, now didn't it?
    bellababyon April 01, 2012  
  • A horrible reason, and you were never here.
    BringOntheMusic2012on April 01, 2012  
  • ^^^wow. this shit just got real.
    kaotic73on April 02, 2012  

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