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  • 12 Years Ago The Civilizer
  • General Comment:
    In order to evolve to the next level, one must understand that their unique self is part of a higher order. This order invloves everyone and those who allow their hopes and dreams rule their actions realize that if we dig deep enough, all of our dreams would lead to a place I would refer to as home. Once one establishes contact with a fellow human and they both see that they can rebound off the strength of each other to pursue the inner/outer peace. This is primarily attempted through a bond named marriage. Although with a community style viewpoint, one could recognize that those closest around you could also share these dreams of a world without pain. Make no mistake, a perfect utopian society would be near impossible to achieve; we all in a sense get distracted at times. Even though the fire(passion) isn't yet realized in most people, we must find those that are already seeking answers to questions that may never be answered. But we will try, accepting each others faults through forgiveness, because we too get distracted from the dream. There has to be a goal for actions to take place, or there is no moving ahead. To seek out the truth through love and creativity we once lived by when we were younger, is the future of tomorrow. Believe that and let your dreams take you for that journey, that river and let the music guide you every step of the way.
  • 11 Years Ago kfe2
  • General Comment:
    Great song that (along with it's previous companion song "In Your Wildest Dreams") brought the band to a new generation of fans, myself included.
  • 11 Years Ago rainsinafrica
  • General Comment:
    he is searchin for an old love
  • 10 Years Ago OpinionHead
  • General Comment:
    This is the first song I've ever heard by them...they are one of the few British invasion bands to acheive major fame in the 1980's. I think this song's message is straightforward. I love their early stuff and their later stuff.
  • 7 Years Ago MIZZOU17
  • Song Meaning:
    Could these lyrics lead us back to a creator's arms who will protect us with the TRUTH?
  • 7 Years Ago crystalmania
  • Memory:
    Along with Nights, this song got me completely into the Moody Blues. While I was healing after an ended relationship, I finally got to the point where I had the courage to dream of a new relationship, one that would be "The One". This song was the chorus to my life at that time, where it wasn't so much of a search for my soul mate, but the knowing that she was "out there somewhere" and that somehow I would "return again" to her, as our souls had once promised each other in the journey of another lifetime.

    The joy when we did find each other (again) was and is everything I'd ever hoped for and more. She dissolved into weeping when one day I said "hey, I need to play you this song"... she'd been listening to it too in her quest for her One and Only.

    Anyway, just thought I'd post this 14 years on because at one point in my life I thought I'd never want to feel love again, then a song encouraged me to. This one. Love eternal will not be denied...
  • 11 Years Ago sillybunny
  • General Comment:
    love this song--a wonderful song ...
  • 11 Years Ago UNCWDMBfan
  • General Comment:
    sounds like reconnecting with an old loved one...holding on to those old feelings of love and having the belief that your old love does as well
  • 11 Years Ago FrankieAGdeB
  • General Comment:
    Both the song and the accompanying video are great sequels to 'Your Wildest Dreams' from two years earlier.
  • 10 Years Ago feather67
  • General Comment:
    I have always loved this song.
    One day, I looked up the lyrics. Its beautiful.
    It brought back memories of my frist love.
    I enjoyed ( civilizer) point of view.It put into words what I am thinking and feeling when I hear this song
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