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  • 1 Year Ago CocoaAmor21
  • General Comment:
    These comments are very dense but then again so is this song, carry on!
  • 1 Year Ago whatdoesthefox
  • Song Meaning:
    This song is about having sex with someone. The line about filling the tub up half way and then riding on the waves with her surf board is really about how you fill the tub up half way when you're having sex with someone tub so you fill it up halfway and then sit on their "you know what" and then riding it. "Graining on that wood" is obviously talking about a hard cock going inside her.

    She's basically singing about getting drunk and having sex in a tub with Jay Z.

    "I've been drinking, watermelon" isn't about drinking cum, it's about drinking watermelon flavored vodka.

    She even said "gangster wife" to reference her marriage to Jay Z.
  • 1 Year Ago 2015071
  • General Comment:
    BORING!!!! This song is another getting drunk, having sex song. BOO!!! Seen this shit too many times!!! WHY MUSIC WHY??? ITS BORING!!!!
  • 1 Year Ago Elwoody
  • General Comment:
    The fact that she's a married mom now makes her have to reach harder if she wants acceptance from her male audience . She no longer belongs to us and the fantasy/illusion is virtually non existent.
  • 1 Month Ago hudsterboy
  • Song Fact:
    This is an over romanticized song about having to take a crap. It's about any kind of shit taking experience, as long as it's epic, profound and violent. The kind of shit that changes your life forever. A nails dug in, raking across your bleeding sweating thighs dump. Teeth clamped down on a rolled up bible, heart on the inside out death camp rape down murder dump. A mike Tyson vs That pig who shot mike brown "hands up I cant fucking breath" dump. A parade of unicorns and drunken clowns. A pyroclastic juggernaut of underripe and oversized Chilean cantaloupes mixed with battery acid and rusty nails. A dump that cleanses your soul. Redemption dump. New beginnings and hope, until tomorrow, and that cup of office joe.
  • 1 Year Ago Tiah505
  • My Opinion:
    CRAZY but I think its good
  • 1 Year Ago SMBX
  • My Opinion:
    *Warhol's first name is ANDY---maybe you should of looked him up while you were spell checking double entendre

    This song is street smart to the point where no one could have listened to the lyrics for the first time and known exactly what Beyonce was referring to so the comments about this being another "dumb, boring song about club hopping and sex" are basic.

    I'm willing to bet any amount of money that each and every one of us hums/sings/recites the opening lines " I've been drinkin, I've been drinkin.." when the song comes on. Let's ground ourselves a little. No one is above enjoying a popular song by Beyoncé and Jay-Z nonetheless.
  • 10 Months Ago superior
  • My Interpretation:
    In the bridge she says :" we woke up in the kitchen saying how the hell did this shit happen" she means her and Jay-Z had sex and they can't remember what happened or how it started. When she says she's been drinking watermelon she's talking about a drink called "WTRMLN WTR"
    (Watermelon water w/o the vowels) it's not alcohol but,it's almost like a Viagra for both genders. She doesn't mean cum,however her song "Blow" does talk about her and Jay-Z giving each other head. The infamous "surfboard" line talks about her getting in the tub w/ Jay-Z and having ride her "surfboard" which is JayZ's man parts. Graining on the wood is speaks of the same thing only adding a description of JayZ's arousal ("wood" = boner) Fatty means her butt,as in her butt is fat hence the word fatty. When JayZ says " your breastesses is my breakfast" he means he woke up to her breast and gave it a lick or too"
  • 1 Year Ago jennyjennyjenn
  • General Comment:
    it meansss she's really deeply in love with jay z and she's riding himmm like a surfboard {; whats hard to understand...
  • 1 Year Ago johnnymike
  • General Comment:
    So sad to see yet another example of an ILLUMINATI SLAVE in pop culture (e.g., Katy Perry, Kesha Rose Sebert).

    That this song is popular only speaks to the dumming down of America and the brain-watching of teenagers, club goers, and pop culture in general, etc. Very sad.

    My uncle works for the IRS and he has told me for a FACT that her birth name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. Just FYI.

    Her lyrics in this song use a lot of double entendre (look it up, if you don't know what it means, you will see that I am RIGHT, lol).

    But more sinister, as with Katy Perry, her lyrics incorporate many masonic symbols: e.g., the surf board in the bath tub, the art work askew in the foyer (LOL how she brags about having a "Warhol" -- it is probably a counterfeit, which is certainly ironic since A. Warhol's prints, not sure how you spell his first name, aren't even that expensive, and you would think a MILLIONAIRE like Beyoncé Giselle Knowles could afford the "real deal" but let's leave that aside....). Other masonic symbols: the fancy liquor, the cigars on "ice" (hmmmm, wonder what she means by "ice"? Diamonds, anyone? LOL).

    My uncle has more information, but I cannot post it publicly.

    People should listen to Chopin or Beethoven and hear what GOOD music actually sounds like!

    Oh well, too bad.
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