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  • 4 Years Ago jocelynolivia
  • Song Meaning:
    I think this song is about two people who've been lonely for too long (hence, that line).
    When the girl is singing, she's talking about the guy who's acting like everything has been okay, when he's really been hurt before. "All your perfectly delivered lies, they don't fool me, you've been lonely, too long"
    When the guy in singing, he's saying the girl has been through a lot in the past. And again, has been lonely for too long.
    I think it's a beautifully written song about two people breaking down the walls they've both built up and falling in love again, both coming from bad past relationships, and finding an even greater love.
  • 4 Years Ago beekers02
  • General Comment:
    I cant help but feel they wrote this for Catching Fire but it never got included in the soundtrack because the producers wanted to move in a new direction for the second film. I think its a travesty and this should have been on the soundtrack. The link for these lyrics and the Hunger Games should be evident to anyone who has read the books or even seen the films. Peeta and Katniss to a T.
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