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  • 4 Years Ago Psicosis1
  • General Comment:
    This song is about a sociopath who lusts for and acheives action, sex and substance abuse in an urban setting but who doesn't want the reality of his or her actions to compromise his or her conscious. If the actions are contemplated the addiction ceases to exist and life becomes mundane. The person is the metaphysical interpretation of a "monster" hence the notion "If I Had A Tale". The ending is surrealistic in the portrayal of the literal manifestation of the monster by association of the sounds of the sociopath meta-morphing into the anthropomorphic representation.
  • 4 Years Ago MilkManMike
  • General Comment:
    Correct lyrics taken from the ...Like Clockwork Double LP:

    Gitchy, gitchy
    Oo la la
    Da doo run run
    You wont get far

    I'm machine
    I'm obsolete
    The land of the free

    I wanna suck
    I wanna lick
    I wanna cry
    I wanna spit

    Tears of pleasure
    Tears of pain
    They trickle down your face the same
    It's how you look
    Not how you feel
    A city of glass with no heart

    If I had a tail
    I'd own the night
    If I had a tail
    I'd swat the flies

    Gitchy, gitchy
    Oo la la
    Da doo run run
    You won't get far

    Animals in the midnight zone
    When you own the world, you're always home
    Get your hands dirty, roll up them sleeves
    Brainwashed or true believers?
    Buy flash cars
    Diamond rings
    Expensive holes to bury things

    I'm machine, obsolete
    In the land of the free

    If I had a tail
    I'd own the night
    If I had a tail
    I'd swat the flies

    See me dance along the scars?
    See me dance?
  • 4 Years Ago Aleske
  • General Comment:
    Watched the video and the main character ( girl masked in the car) reminded me of the heroin in Stieg Larson's trilogy. In France "tail" is often used to refer to"dick". So to me that might be a girl singing this song. ( Like if i had a tail i could do things my own way and not be a victim). The lyrics to this song are very metaphoric and rich, they can be interpreted in so many different ways. I guess it's a collage of very different emotions, ressources and references. Once more it's a powerful text.
  • 4 Years Ago unlisted
  • Link(s):
    The first two lines

    Gitchy, gitchy Ooh la la
    Da doo ron ron

    Are from "Lady Marmalade" by Labelle and "Da Doo Ron Ron" by The Crystals.

    [url=http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/66134/]Lady Marmalade[/url]
    [url=http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858686722//]Da Doo Ron Ron[/url]
  • 4 Years Ago Stolid
  • General Comment:
    Made an account to say your lyrics are spot on, Disen needs to get his ears checked.
  • 4 Years Ago sbutros1
  • General Comment:
    I think...

    Out of motion
    Midnight soul

    Should be:
    Animals in
    the midnight zone


    If I had a tail
    I know... goodnight

    should be:
    If I had a tail
    I'd own the skies
  • 4 Years Ago SpaceLord
  • General Comment:
    The first line »Gitchy, gitchy, oh la la« are an callback to the chorus of the song Lady Marmelade i think.
  • 4 Years Ago Loppermann
  • General Comment:
    I think he's saying that pop culture is more like a freak show than a talent show.
  • 10 Months Ago KateMcCannon
  • Song Meaning:
    This song is plainly about the 21st century materialistic culture we are surrounded by.

    A lot of the inspiration for this album and the shift in focus of QOTSA to more meaningful issues other than sex drugs and rock and roll was inspired by Homme's medical issues, first attributed to knee surgery complications and later referred to as being in 'way too deep' with drugs.

    Here's why it's about a materialistic culture and opposing it:

    "Buy flash cars, diamond rings, expensive holes to bury things" in my opinion best line of the song and pretty obvious that he's saying all the clothes, jewellery and cars we buy are just there as shiny objects to distract us from fears and voids we may feel.

    "It's how you look, not how you feel, a city of glass with no heart" written to show values are placed on the wrong attributes, appearance of a human not the content of that person that makes them what they are and that despite large shining appearance there's nothing human to this culture.

    "I'm machine obsolete, in the land of the free lobotomy" The lobotomy is the shallow culture he's singing about, he's obsolete as someone who rejects this.
  • 4 Years Ago Ktgkyle
  • General Comment:
    Just realized its I'd own the night for second line chorus.
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