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    It's certainly referencing Samuel Coleridge's 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'.
    In said poem, the Mariner becomes stranded at sea, surrounded by ice, until a lone albatross brings sun and wind, and his ship is free. The albatross remains with the ship, but the Mariner shoots it with his crossbow, worried that it's draining food supplies. The albatross, however, turns out to be a the bringer of the good weather, and in killing it, the Mariner dooms the entire ship. As punishment, he is forced to wear the albatross around his neck as a reminder of his evil deed.
    I think the song is referring to someone who perhaps has done something, with good intentions, that has caused bad luck (the weight of living) to the point where they can no longer bear it. The 'light' is the good intention brought by shooting the albatross, which turns out to be 'the sun in your eyes', or a bad thing disguised as good.
    'Let it go' and 'shoot it down' refers to the decision between the risk of bad luck from shooting the albatross (or performing whichever action) and leaving things alone as they are (despite worries).
    'Can you stand the person you've become?' is simply asking whether the risk was really worth taking. It's possible that this song is referring to a breakup in a relationship, or potentially even suicide. But there's not much to go on, that's purely guesswork.
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