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  • SM2

    by Idan on June 08, 2007 We want it. Do you? No Comments
  • SM is Back

    by Idan on December 12, 2005 Indeedy! We are finally back up running, faster than ever! We've made some progress this passing week, fixing some old problems on the current SM version while we're working on the website rewrite... Fixes: - The 5 minutes edit time limit are now actually ~5 minutes. :) - Submitted homepage URLs of artists are now correctly stored and displayed in the artist's page. - The SM Forum Code pop-up window now works. - A few backend fixes for various pages. Found a bug? Please report it in the Bugs forum! No Comments
  • Trusted Users and Responsability

    by Idan on June 08, 2005 Hi again, I'm a big fan of Dream Theater ([shameless plug]in case anyone didn't know, you should all check them out:[/shameless plug] :D). So naturally I frequant their page here in SM quite often. I found out lyrics for their new album and noticed they were entered by a Trusted User. I was disappointed to see that they were incorrect and simply copy/pasted w/out any review. This is only one example and I am sure it happens throughout the site by various other Trusted Users. People, we have put in your hands a responsability and one that is very dear to us at SM. The responsability to make sure, with us, that the SM database will grow and will also be one of quality. By letting you enter lyrics to our database without moderation, it is on you to make sure the correctness of the lyrics you submit. When submiting lyrics, always make sure you are doing so in accordens with our Acceptance policy. Please don't abuse the trust that we have put in your hands. No Comments
  • Progress Report

    by Idan on June 06, 2005 Well, to sum it all up in one word: halted. No, obviously not for good, just for a while. Why, you ask? For various reasons. Some internal (server crash, inability to bring it back up, host problems), some personal (Mike will elaborate if he wishes to). I can say, though, that hopefully soon (real soon) fixes for the code regressions that occured due to the 1st server crash will emerge and missing features will return (and new one added). As for the server - a solution for that is also underway and will, hopefully, grow flesh and blood as fast as possible. On a different note, I'd like to really thank all of you guys. In the last few month there has been a slew of lyrics submitted than ever before. You guys are giving me some really hard time approving all these lyrics! :D Keep 'em coming! Also, I know it's hard with the site being so slow, but please - don't abandon our forums, stick around! It will all get solved soon. No Comments
  • Things to look forward to...

    by Idan on March 19, 2005 Right now our head coder and Admin is on vacation, so not much is being done (except for doing some excessive forum moderating thanks to you people...) but once he returns, I believe we will have the following coming up (no deadline of course): * A fix (again?) for the edit post delay problem, * User submitted albums (instead of giving us ASIN numbers and have us input them ourself), * More TBA... I also want to use this oppertunity to say to you guys in the forums that you need to realize that we are trying to build a community around here and your behaviour in the forums (you know who you are...) is just out of place, what you are forcing us to do is the opposite of what we want. You make us ban users, lock threads, delete threads and all of this doesn't give much incitive to visit the forums. Please, before hitting the submit button, have a minute to review your post and think if you really want to start another argument, if you really want to enter such bickering, if you really want to offend other users (and it doesn't matter who started what). Help us fix this by not forcing us to take action. No Comments
  • The Recent Mess in the Lyric Pages.

    by Idan on February 12, 2005 Hi guys, I'm sure some of you have already noticed that the lyric pages have changed a bit (to the worse)... No "submitted by..." and the inability to edit your submitted lyrics and also a mess with comments. I just wanted to say that you need not to worry! We are doing some cleaning within our code to make things work better, but as with most hard tasks, it starts as chaos and goes back to order... So please, a bit of patience and all will be well. :) Thanks! No Comments
  • Things are Slow...

    by Idan on January 19, 2005 Here's something I haven't done for a while... Blogging. Things are going slow at the moment. We're all mainly waiting. Waiting for Mike to finish up his winter classes, waiting for the new server to arrive... Thinking up new ideas for the site, updating pages here and there, moving links around. Nothing exciting. But it's okay, 'cause you SM people are probably the most patient community ever, considering our rocky past. ;) No Comments
  • Some Bugs...

    by Idan on January 07, 2005 Several users reported lately of some bugs which have reared their head. Thought you guys would like to know that our resident big scary Italian guy, Mike and beer drinking Shahman have crushed them. The bugs were: - Lyrics that have been added in Jan. 2005, were added as if they were added in 2004... - Not being able to edit profile. - Statistics are not getting updated. - Thread edit time limit was not set correctly. Thanks again to those which reported these issues. Keep up the good work! No Comments
  • SM Quotes

    by Idan on December 28, 2004 We're feeling that SM has moved forward quite a bit since its 3rd awakening from [yet another] a Great Downtime. A good way to do some self-advertising is to have your users praise the site by sharing their thoughts on it and quote them on that. That's exactly what we've done by updating our Quotes page. If you'd like to try your luck and maybe even get featured in the mentioned page, check out the SongMeanings Quotes thread in the forums. No Comments
  • A Small Update

    by Idan on December 24, 2004 In case you guys haven't noticed yet, we have brought back our printer-friendly feature. When visting a lyric's page, you will see right above the bottom-right ad box a "Printer Friendly" link. Click it. :) Also, we'd like to get from you some nice quotes about SM. The best ones will be featured on our quotes page. No Comments
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