• July 02, 2002

    by YellowcardXChick on July 02, 2002 I can't wait for The Starting Line's CD to come out on the 16th! It's gonna be a killer! O n Yellowcard's EP comes out today! :) So happy about that!:) ~aMbEr* No Comments
  • June 29, 2002

    by YellowcardXChick on June 29, 2002 I just got back from Bermuda on my curise! I can't wait 4 ellowcard's EP to come out in 3 days! I luv Yellowcard so much! I hope to add more lyrics and ~NEW~ bands soon! Keep the PuNk alive and spreed Yellowcard's gr8 music around! PM me if you got any questions!:):D No Comments
  • June 16, 2002

    by YellowcardXChick on June 16, 2002 Hey if your reading this well I hope that you can help me! I'm having trouble adding an artist and if you could could you add the artist "Staring Back" for me? If you do plz send me and PM and I'll be so God damn happy! ~aMbEr* No Comments
  • June 12, 2002

    by YellowcardXChick on June 12, 2002 Hey I was just joking on that last entrey. Feel free to PM me w/e u feel like it or IM me because I'm online a lot! Gosh! There's nuttin' much more to say rite now but besides get Kaaza on http://www.kaaza.com and download songs by Yellowcard and Audio Karate because they kick major ass!:) HeHe! God it gets borring here in Pennsylvania! Luv yahz all! ~aMbEr aka (as my friendz call me) aMmIe:);):D No Comments
  • May 23, 2002

    by YellowcardXChick on May 23, 2002 Hello there! You don't know me so why r u looking at my profile you little piece of shit? And why are you IMing me and telling me that you want to chat with me? Do I look like the next big RAPPEST? No Comments
  • May 23, 2002

    by YellowcardXChick on May 23, 2002 I don't know wut this is? No Comments
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