• Typical Teenage Boys :P

    by thnks0fr0th0mmrs on July 16, 2012

    So I was with this guy, for like 5 months, and he was texting all these girls and I stupidly didn't think anything of it... now only a week after dumping me he's got together with some stick thin, perfect little bonde girl who it turns out he was with her for about three months while with me.... and now I feel really stupid and pathetic... and used... all because I refused to do anything with him... he ran away and found a girl who would. at least I'm not some teenage boy's quickie in an alley...

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  • Girls who play quitars (part or a song by Maximo Park)

    by thnks0fr0th0mmrs on June 27, 2012 In the gaps, inbetween words Are the things that really intrigue me It's the gasps, and the sighs That say more about what's inside you We used to climb up on a high horse everytime We used to talk about boys with missing spines When you lie on my bed and you label me your friend Don't you know how much that hurts? You could pretend and I wouldn't know I could be who you wanted in the dark No Comments
  • June 01, 2012

    by thnks0fr0th0mmrs on June 01, 2012 this place was never the same again, after you came and went, how can you say you meant, anything different to anyone, standing alone on the street with a cigerette, on the first night we met, look to the past and remember to smile, and maybe tonight i can breath for a while, Im not in the scene, i think im falling asleep, but then all that it means, is i'll always be dreaming of you, Feeling This By Blink-182 No Comments
  • freak out

    by thnks0fr0th0mmrs on June 01, 2012 when you completely freak out for a date tonight and begin to doubt yourself.... No Comments
  • ah, i see!!

    by thnks0fr0th0mmrs on June 01, 2012 oh, so you never actually loved me? thanks for clearing that up for me :) No Comments
  • ........say again?

    by thnks0fr0th0mmrs on June 01, 2012 god. i hate it when soemone tells you they love you, then cheat on you, then break up with you, hen say they want to be friends, then cheat on his gf, get a new one, cheat on that one, get a new one, cheat on that one, get a new on and try to cheat on that one with me and expect me to still be his friend. dick. No Comments
  • The lost message of music.

    by thnks0fr0th0mmrs on June 01, 2012 I actually hate complaining, so this journal is fantastic for it. I just want to say how sick I am that people seem to think they can walk all over someone and think they are "better" thahn them just because they have been force fed spoon fulls of what steriotype is the "right" one to fit into, and so judge people by their cliched standards. Maybe that's why music is so important, maybe we just need it to learn to be ourselves, love ourselves, or maybe we need music just to escape into qand become part of something better than we could ever be without it. And if the popular kids with their mainstream music don'e understand the meaning of song, because their genre of music doesn't have any kind of true meaning behind it then the word of song is lost to about half the people out there. No Comments
  • Ok, I need to vent a bit....

    by thnks0fr0th0mmrs on April 06, 2012 I am sick to death of modernised, commercialised artists that are all made from the same mould, out to be sellable to young people and litterally have like, no talent. Pretty much all mordern artists are 17 year olds with great hair, chinos and convers all star who go on about "individuality" when they all keep to a fashion and stick to the same statement and nearly all of them don't know a thing about having a hard life. These artists need to learn to pick up an instrument and sing with their OWN voice rather than using a computer and autodubbing their sound so they all have screaching in the background and a uniform voice that can reach any note thanks to a microsoft program. Someone needs to open their eyes, show them a guitar, a drum kit, a bass, a pian, a violin and show them how to move people using something other than fake work! if this is the future of music then we are all doomed im afraid. No Comments
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