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  • ...

    by musicgypsy on February 29, 2012 Happy leap year day!! No Comments
  • I'm dying.....

    by musicgypsy on February 27, 2012 ....for a camera. And I mean a proper camera; a good one with a big fat lens and amazing zoom features. And black, too. I hate tiny silver Canon cameras. No Comments
  • genesis

    by musicgypsy on February 22, 2012 the face in the water looks up, as if to say that the blue girls have all gone away... sail away, away ripples never come back. No Comments
  • er....

    by musicgypsy on February 20, 2012 Did you know in ancient china, jade was considered to be the dried semen of the celestial dragons? The stuff i learn while researching for biology assignments, wow. Fertility studies, to be exact. The Chinese really liked semen I guess. No Comments
  • Oh, by the way

    by musicgypsy on February 01, 2012 It doesn't help that my friend committed suicide this week. No Comments
  • Is anyone really capable of love?

    by musicgypsy on February 01, 2012 okay, let me rephrase that. Is ANYONE under the age of 20 capable of love?? And I mean real love, not the sappy temporal affection that permeates most teenage relationships. I mean the love that actually lasts, that puts the other person's happiness before one's own. Why does everyone have so much fucking baggage? Why does everyone have so many trust issues, and why do they all think they are incapable of love?? I'm of the opinion that most anyone can love deeply. If they feel they can't, there must be something stopping them from loving freely. And you'd think the general idea would be to then find out the issue that's making them incapable of love and try to fix it. If it's something that's happened to them in the past, or a weird side to their character, they can at least try to work through it. But no, people take one look, then turn around and say, "I'm sorry, but I'm fucked. I just can't love." Maybe i'm too optimistic, but WHAT BULLSHIT. Get a fucking perspective. NOT EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS EVIL. And still, even the evil people can be loved. I would know. Ah, shite. I'm just too obsessed with complete obsession. I'm too taken with positivity and beauty through pain. I'm in love with imperfection, because you know what? It's perfect to me. Now if only everybody else was as unconditional.... (Not to be all proud or anything, but i guess the real title to this rant should be, "Is anyone really capable of love, the way I am?") No Comments
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