• Please Kill me!

    by wftlyrichick95 on February 08, 2011 I h8 algebra. its the most boring of all my classes. beside PE & Physics No Comments
  • My regrets

    by wftlyrichick95 on February 08, 2011 UGH!!! U r not gonna believe this, I was at one point listening 2 R&B. ick! sickins me 2 this day! But it wuz really not my fault! All my old middle school friend were into: Beyoncee, Chris Brown, Rhiannah, etc. Gross!!! But one of my friends, listened to something i never heard before. Killers. I got into them and my way of music turned around. Then she showed me more stuff. then SHAZAM!!! over the summer i transformed myself to an alt rocker, mostly punkish kinda. I made it look like i gave a shit. then summer ended, i went back 2 school, Hanged out w/ my normal buds(Rocker friend left school) But it seemed they all changed they all turned into total bitches. all they did wuz talk about shit they did over the summer. "OMG He like kissed me! On the Lips! OMG it wuz so magical! He said He loved me!" They also talked about how many guys they liked. So one day i just sat at a different table, I couldnt stand 4 another one of those shallow bitches! they still give me headaches. Then sweet sweet high school, i got my new group thr so awesome! Artsy people like me! No Comments
  • Fav bands!

    by wftlyrichick95 on February 08, 2011 first off how was the story? But back 2 the point, My 3 favorite band r: Gorillaz, the limousines, New politics! these bands r the shit! I luv all ther songs they come up w/. I really got hooked on gorillaz at the beginning of the school year when i was waiting 4 my mom 2 pick me up i had nothing 2 do so i went on photoshop & iTunes app on my handy laptop, But i all i had of the gorillaz was the Plastic beach album on my laptop. and thats when my love 4 music blossomed. and with the limousines, well i heard the most popular song of thrs first, 'Very busy people'. then i heard 'internet killed the video star', and then like clock work i wuz looking them up on iTunes. Huzzah! Voila! like some people have drugs, i have music! (good music!) now on 2 New Politics! This band totally made me rebel! When i first heard this band, like the limousines, i heard them on Alt Nation. luved them! When i listen 2 'dignity' i wuz like 'yea! fight back! REBEL!!!!!!' it wuz like i wuz reborn! After that i got 3 songs from them on iTunes. 1 week lata i got the album! Shazam! No Comments
  • short short story by wftlyrichick95

    by wftlyrichick95 on February 07, 2011 Christy sat in her bed; she felt weird going to bed so early. She looked at her digital clock, 10:08, it read. then her mind started to wander. When her mind starts to leave off, she usually thinks about the future. She has a clear thought on what she wants in her life; artist, loving husband, wonderful family. But then she thinks 'what if that doesn't happen?' then what? what would happen? what'll be her next chapter in her life? she looked at digital face of the clock again, 10:23, read the clock. She thinks to herself, 'you can't plan the future, no one can. not even god. its best to live in the present instead of the future. because you'd miss everything you planed.' then Christy fell into a deep sleep and dreamed a mighty amount of dreams. She lets the thoughts flow though her as if they were water cleansing her soul into a new person, a better person. 1 Comment

    by wftlyrichick95 on February 07, 2011 God I h8 being sick! it is so boring i could blow my brains out!!! so read this story!!! No Comments
  • About Moi! and hello!

    by wftlyrichick95 on February 07, 2011 Hello I have no friggin clue this will be shown to the entire world but hey. I luv this site! I luv lyrics! They re just like poems with music! Dont get me wrong music is cool too. my favorite type of music is... GOOD music! not all that R&B stuff... it seems like all they talk about is having one nite stands w/ chicks they meet at bars or clubs. and they use nice words like: 'You are so beautiful' when they r really saying is 'girl i want 2 fuck you' and now you see my point! But my favorite type of music has 2 b er... alt rock i guess... cause it includes all rock music. I also like electronic stuff 2. w/ synths and keyboards. No Comments
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