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  • back!!

    by M3T4LH34D on July 03, 2011 soo im back!!! my other account is blocked i think cause i will not allow me to log back on :( i blame azkm!! so last night i was playing cards with my brother (the same brother that jacked this account!) so he rigged his hand and gave me one good card and i won!!!! im so EPICLLY good at uno!! 1 Comment
  • gone again

    by M3T4LH34D on June 19, 2011 ill be gone another week sorry :) 1 Comment
  • Dubstep

    by M3T4LH34D on June 15, 2011 Dubstep is pretty good if you ask me! yes i am a metalhead but i can't like dubstep right? No Comments
  • who knew......

    by M3T4LH34D on June 14, 2011 i have just figured out that the music you listen to effects what your mood is and that effects what you talk about 2 Comments
  • Facebook

    by M3T4LH34D on June 13, 2011 well i know have access to facebook but i can't view forums any more! which helps some cause if i keep this trolling spree up i might get the boot! 1 Comment
  • Zombies in the white house

    by M3T4LH34D on June 13, 2011 BREAKING NEWS!! zombies take over white house and demand 500 souls! and there have been multiple reports of Zombie Bears! if you come across one just kill your self its useless to try to kill them! also there have been reports of zombie squirrels and small rodents, they are extremely hard to kill! Welcome new readers and old readers sorry about all the METAL ive been talking about! its just that awesome that i have to talk about it. nothing much has happened around here.......ill be traveling alot this summer so don't expect that many journals. .......helped my friend prostege on Black ops, then keep on getting better scores against him when playing online. funny cause i like never play those games. No Comments
  • i live, eat, breathe METAL!

    by M3T4LH34D on June 11, 2011 me got metal skillz none of you ever had! i live in a VERY METAL community!! and i mean we have metal coming out of the in-pipe! here are some more bands i have found in my travels (i didn't go any where) Picture Me Broken -a girl metal band For Today -a very christian metal band! luv it! Avenged Sevenfold -a good metal band but they cuss..... a lot No Comments
  • METAL!

    by M3T4LH34D on June 11, 2011 these are the symbols for how metal you are.... /m\ -not metal enough |m| -metal \m/ -REALLY METAL \mm/ -TOO MUCH METAL FOR ONE HAND!!!! No Comments
  • illl be back

    by M3T4LH34D on June 05, 2011 sad to say this but i will be gone for another week :*( Sorry to all those people who love to read my craazy stories about zombies........ No Comments
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