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  • grrr

    by sunshinekow on August 31, 2011 I hate it when I get the hiccups while I'm laughing No Comments
  • Hey

    by sunshinekow on August 31, 2011 Advice for the day: If you break a promise, except the fact that they won't trust you any more. If you keep a promise, embrace the fact that they'll trust you with everything. Today has been interesting so far. I'm getting kinda frustrated and I'm loosing my patience =/ It's okay though. I'll figure it out. I just realized how many classes I'm taking this year. It's freakin insane! Plus stuff on the side like Improv and my job. Crazy-craze!! Anyways, hope you all have a fabulous day =] Peace, love, robots. 1 Comment
  • =]

    by sunshinekow on August 30, 2011 Advice for the day: Concentrate more on the people you love. You'll hate less people. Today has been pretty interesting. I'm just chillin in the library looking at different college stuff. My teacher keeps looking over my shoulder at what I'm doing. It's pretty irritating. I know how to look at colleges, stupid -_- Well I guess that's all I really have to say. Other than...I wish he would ask =/ that's okay. I'll be patient X] Much love!! Peace, love, robots. 2 Comments
  • Craftblankers!!!

    by sunshinekow on August 29, 2011 Advice for the day: Do what you need to do even if they do end up hating you for it. Holy craftblankers. These kids are getting mad at me more and more every day. You know, when you are in charge of a team, you have to do certain things that will make them mad. this afternoon I have to tell them that I can definitely tell who the upper class-men are and that they need to step it up if we want to win state this year. Me and the other seniors are going to have a chat with the younger kids. Wish us luck! Peace, love, robots. 1 Comment
  • =^.^=

    by sunshinekow on August 25, 2011 Advice for the day: It's okay to let someone else carry some of your burden. Yesterday was awesome. We finally got a coach for the guard team so now I just have to be the captain not the coach too =P way less stressed. My classes haven't started yet which kinda sucks because they were supposed to start yesterday =/ that's okay, I'll get it figured out. Anyways, hope you all have a lovely day =]Peace, love, robots! No Comments
  • Hello again =]

    by sunshinekow on August 24, 2011 Advice for the day: Good habits are hard to keep. Bad habits are hard to get rid of. Insane habits make you who you are. Prioritize your habits and do what you gotta do. It's been a crazy week so far. Last year of this stupid school and then I can leave this town =] I'm oober excited to go to Hardin Simmons!! It's the best college for what I want to do so I'm going for it. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Peace, love, robots! 1 Comment
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