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  • What the fu.....

    by sunshinekow on March 19, 2012 What do you do when you mess something up so bad and it's impossible to fix? What if this something ruins everything you've worked for? ... No Comments
  • aaahhh =)

    by sunshinekow on March 08, 2012 Just listen to those birds singing! I am so ready for summer =D Ultimate Frisbee for life!!! No Comments
  • I love reading!

    by sunshinekow on March 06, 2012 Advice for the day: if you truly love someone, you're not going to understand why. Stop trying to figure it out, you'll ruin everything. 1 Comment
  • SNOW!!! glorious SNOW!!!!

    by sunshinekow on February 13, 2012 Advice for the day: Honestly, it doesn't matter if you hurt them now. In the end you should always just follow your heart no matter how difficult it can be. No Comments
  • Wow. People?

    by sunshinekow on February 06, 2012 Advice for the day: If you're hungry, eat food. I love working at the movie theatre. Free popcorn for life! haha No Comments
  • Holy shit that was dumb

    by sunshinekow on February 05, 2012 Advice for the day: Stupid is like the flu. If you catch it, please have the courtesy not to spread it. We had a basketball game last night and this fight almost broke out. There were probably four teachers around just watching so I had to step in and tell the bitches they were being dumbasses. How much more retarded can this school get? Sheesh. It was funny watching them get pissed at me because they could piss me off haha. I told them to go their separate ways and one of them said "Why don't you fucking make me?" Oh, how I chucked and her face turned red in frustration. What a cunt. Anyways, have a good day. As always, peace, love, and robots. 1 Comment
  • Yay! I'm learning!

    by sunshinekow on January 31, 2012 Advice for the day: Don't randomly stab people with pens. It is frowned upon in most societies. No Comments
  • Eating frozen grapes!!! =D

    by sunshinekow on January 30, 2012 Advice for the day: Know who you can trust and have a good reason to trust them. 1 Comment
  • I'll show you a fax machine!

    by sunshinekow on January 26, 2012 Advice for the day: Sometimes you need to think of all the bad things you have been through and see who it has made you. It makes going through rough times much easier. No Comments
  • Terrible, terrible news.

    by sunshinekow on January 23, 2012 Advice for the day: Always be prepared for the worst, but always expect the best. Trey Canard broke his back this weekend and Ryan Morais broke his jaw. He has to have it wired shut for the next eight weeks and they are trying to figure out how to operate on Canard. Sheesh. What a race. No Comments
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