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    by rock-the-world-bby on February 28, 2009 OMG my life couldnt get any better i have a boyfriend (who adores me) (and i adore him) i'm back to being best friends with dannii and kira i dont have to go to school but a couple of days ago my high on life was shot down badly some stupid f**kwit was driving down my street and hit my dog and just keeped driving (my dog didnt make it) so we had to bury her (with was really upsetting) so i called my bestie and they come over and we went out and got pissed at the river but when we were walking back to the car the cops pulled up and told us that we were in troble and we got fined the same night my bestie rang my bf up and totally went off at him for no reason so i had to do damage control *screams* i cant belivie she did that whatever it is all sorted now but now they hate each other but i dont care they will just have to get along cos they both love me so there haha No Comments
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    by rock-the-world-bby on November 30, 2008

    what going on in my life atm


    ok so there this guy right  (we dated once)

    we lost contact (bit upset)

    now we are talking agian (YAY)

    we hooked up last monday night

    and he told me that he wound like to get back with me and i told him the same thing

    but then he went on schoolies

    and when he got back i ask him if we could get abck together soon

    and he told me

    I donno I've been away for a week an heaps has changed so eh im not really sure I don't really wanna think bout it

    then he told me alot had changed while he's been away

    so i told him to tell me when he had figured out what he wants to do but i wasnt going to wait forever

    over that now

    there is only 36 days til my 18 and im so pumped up abotu it i cant wait

    i have finished school FORVER

    i just need to wait til the 17th of december to get my HSC marks back

    i know they not going to be that good but i dont care i did it and i dint think i could

    me and my ex bestie are talking agian which is great

    im trying to get this traineeship to get into this childcare couse

    so alot is going on

    im gonna go to sleep now cos its 11pm and im tired



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