• midyear thingy!

    by Fidelio-Roo on June 08, 2008 Current album top ten: 10 Visiter; The Dodos 09 Vampire Weekend; Vampire Weekend 08 Saturdays = Youth; M83 07 The Slip; Nine Inch Nails 06 "Couples"; The Long Blondes 05 Nouns; No Age 04 Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel; Atlas Sound 03 Alegranza!; El Gunicho 02 Third; Portishead 01 Street Horrrsing; Fuck Buttons Current track top ten: 10 Blind; Hercules and Love Affair 09 Walcott; Vampire Weekend 08 Gila; Beach House 07 The Couples; the Long Blondes 06 Corona Radiata; Nine Inch Nails 05 Bright Tomorrow; Fuck Buttons 04 Machine Gun; Portishead 03 Water Curses; Animal Collective 02 Graveyard Girl; M83 01 Silence Like The Wind; Dan Deacon Top five albums looking forward to: 05 Lie Down In The Light, by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. 04 Offend Maggie, by Deerhoof. 03 Skeletal Lamping, by Of Montreal. 02 Microcastle, by Deerhunter. 01 Bromst, by Dan Deacon. ~ Thank you for your time,-- Zac R Cocciolo No Comments
  • Best 100 albums, sorted by decade mostly

    by Fidelio-Roo on April 13, 2008 JAZZ 5- Straight, No Chaser- Thelonious Monk 4- Time Out- The Dave Brubeck Quartet (1959) 3- A Love Supreme- John Coltrane (1965) 2- Bitches Brew- Miles Davis (1970) 1-Black Saint and Sinner Lady- Charles Mingus (1963) 1960s 25-Da Capo- Love (1967) 24- Safe As Milk- Captain Beefheart (1967) 23- The Who Sell Out- The Who (1967) 22- Highway 61 Revisited- Bob Dylan (1965) 21- Songs of Leonard Cohen- Leonard Cohen (1967) 20- Let it Bleed- The Rolling Stones (1969) 19- In the Court of the Crimson King- King Crimson (1969) 18- The Freewheelin Bob Dylan- Bob Dylan (1963) 17- The Velvet Underground- The Velvet Underground (1969) 16- Freak Out!- Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention (1966) 15- Are You Experienced?- The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967) 14- Abbey Road- The Beatles (1969) 13- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- The Beatles (1967) 12- The Village Green Preservation Society- the Kinks (1968) 11- WhiteLight/WhiteHeat- the Velvet Underground (1968) 10- Piper At The Gates of Dawn- Pink Floyd (1967) 9- Bringing It All Back Home- Bob Dylan (1965) 8- Pet Sounds- The Beach Boys (1966) 7- Something Else- the Kinks (1967) 6- Song Cycle- Van Dyke Parks (1968) 5- The Velvet Underground & Nico- The Velvet Underground (1967) 4- Rubber Soul- The Beatles (1965) 3- Revolver- The Beatles (1966) 2- Blonde on Blonde- Bob Dylan (1966) 1-Forever Changes- Love (1967) 1970s 25- Bryter Layter- Nick Drake (1970) 24- Modern Lovers- The Modern Lovers (1976/1973) 23- Sally Can’t Dance- Lou Reed (1974) 22- Street Hassle- Lou Reed (1978) 21- Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd (1975) 20- Bridge Over Troubled Water- Simon & Garfunkel (1970) 19- All Things Must Pass- George Harrison (1970) 18- Horses- Patti Smith (1975) 17- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars- David Bowie (1972) 16- Unknown Pleasures- Joy Division (1979) 15- Neu!- Neu! (1972) 14- Discover America- Van Dyke Parks (1972) 13- Exile on Main St.- Rolling Stones (1972) 12- Tubular Bells- Mike Oldfield (1973) 11- Raw Power- Stooges (1971) 10- Ambient 1(Music for Airports)- Brian Eno (1978) 9- Loaded- The Velvet Underground (1970) 8- Blood on the Tracks- Bob Dylan (1975) 7- Hunky Dory- David Bowie (1971) 6- Born To Run- Bruce Springsteen (1975) 5- Plastic Ono Band- John Lennon (1970) 4- Eskimo- The Residents (1979) 3- Histoire De Melody Nelson- Serge Gainsbourg (1971) 2- Low- David Bowie (1977) 1-The Madcap Laughs- Syd Barrett (1970) 1980s 10- The Queen is Dead- The Smiths (1986) 9- Daydream Nation- Sonic Youth (1988) 8- Scary Monsters- David Bowie (1980) 7- New York- Lou Reed (1989) 6- Mesh and Lace- Modern English (1981) 5-Treasure- Cocteau Twins (1984) 4- Let’s Dance- David Bowie (1983) 3-The Goldberg Variation- Glenn Gould (1983) 2- Remain In Light- Talking Heads (1980) 1-Closer- Joy Division (1980) 1990s 15- Wormwood- The Residents (1998) 14- Aenima- Tool (1996) 13- Different Class- Pulp (1995) 12- The Bends- Radiohead (1995) 11- The Mask and Mirror- Loreena McKennit (1994) 10- If You're Feeling Sinsiter- Belle & Sebastian (1996) 9- Manufacturing Hokum- the Molestics (1999) 8- Rant in E-Minor- Bill Hicks (1997) 7- Homogenic- Bjork (1997) 6- Songs for Drella- Lou Reed & John Cale (1990) 5- The Soft Bulletin- The Flaming Lips (1999) 4- Slanted & Enchanted- Pavement (1992) 3- OK Computer- Radiohead (1997) 2- Loveless- My Bloody Valentine (1991) 1-In the Aeroplane Over The Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel (1998) 2000s 10- The Beginning Stages of...- The Polyphonic Spree (2002) 9- Person Pitch- Panda Bear (2007) 8- Ys- Joanna Newsom (2006) 7- Return to Cookie Mountain- TV on the Radio (2006) 6- In Rainbows- Radiohead (2007) 5- Hail to the Thief- Radiohead (2003) 4- Insignificance- Jim O'Rourke (2001) 3- SMiLE- Brian Wilson (2004) 2- Kid A- Radiohead (2000) 1-Illinois- Sufjan Stevens (2005) LIVE 9- Alive, She Cried- The Doors (1983) 8- Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall- Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane (2005) 7- Alive!- Kiss (1975) 6- Les Bains Douches- Joy Division (2001) 5- 1969- The Velvet Underground (1974) 4- Royal Albert Hall 1966- Bob Dylan(1998) 3- At Folsom Prison- Johnny Cash (1968) 2- Live At Leeds- the Who (1970) 1- Rock’N’Roll Animal- Lou Reed (1974) EVER 0- The Beatles- The Beatles (1968) No Comments
  • Best tracks by decade

    by Fidelio-Roo on March 24, 2008 1950s 10- Come Fly With Me- Frank Sinatra 09- Johnny B Goode- Chuck Berry 08- One for my Baby (and One for the Road)- Frank Sinatra 07- 4'33"- John Cage 06- Fever- Ella Fitzgerald 05- Mack The Knife- Bobby Darin 04- Mess Around- Ray Charles 03- Bo Diddley- Bo Diddley 02- Maybellene- Chuck Berry 01-Take Five- Dave Brubeck Quartet 1960s 10- My Generation- The Who 09- Waterloo Sunset- The Kinks 08- Respect- Aretha Franklin 07- Out in the Streets- The Shangri-Las 06- Like a Rolling Stone- Bob Dylan 05- Suzanne- Leonard Cohen 04- A Day in the Life- The Beatles 03- Don't Let Me Down- The Beatles 02- Surf's Up- The Beach Boys (albeit unreleased until later) 01-Heroin- The Velvet Underground 1970s 10- Lust for Life- Iggy Pop 09- God- John Lennon 08- Station to Station- David Bowie 07- Radio, Radio- Elvis Costello 06- Changes- David Bowie 05- She's Lost Control- Joy Division 04- "Heroes"- David Bowie 03- Rock & Roll- the Velvet Underground 02- Born To Run- Bruce Springsteen 01-Dark Globe- Syd Barrett 1980s 10- Billie Jean- Michael Jackson 09- Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division 08- Let's Dance- David Bowie 07- You've Got Everything Now- The Smiths 06- Twilight- Electric Light Orchestra 05- Teen Age Riot- Sonic Youth 04- Once in a Lifetime- Talking Heads 03- Transmission- Joy Division 02- You Made Me Realise- My Bloody Valentine 01-Atmosphere- Joy Division 1990s 10- Forty-six & 2- Tool 09- Superstar- Sonic Youth 08- My Iron Lung- Radiohead 07- Common People- Pulp 06- Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead 05- I Can't Stop- Of Montreal 04- Race for the Prize- The Flaming Lips 03- Just- Radiohead 02- Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley 01-Holland 1945- Neutral Milk Hotel 2000s 10- 2+2=5- Radiohead 09- Losing My Edge- LCD Soundsystem 08- Hikari- Utada Hikaru 07- He Poos Clouds- Final Fantasy 06- Broken Witch- Liars 05- Heartbeats- The Knife 04- Flint (For the Underpaid & Unemployed)- Sufjan Stevens 03- The Other Side of Mt Heart Attack- Liars 02- The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out To Get Us!- Sufjan Stevens 01-Emily- Johanna Newsom No Comments
  • Van Dyke Parks Songs?!!?

    by Fidelio-Roo on January 19, 2008 Does anyone know where I can find an mp3 of "Steelband Music" and "Your Own Comes First" from Discover America? D: The torrent I found will ABSOLUTELY NOT download the last one percent... No Comments
  • best musickings of 2007

    by Fidelio-Roo on December 25, 2007 2007 BEST ALBUMS 10-Strawberry Jam- Animal Collective (Just plain goddamned wacky. All the music and lyrics resemble an acid trip almost in the way that We're Only In It For the Money does (but is far less depressing). A weird rainbow of sound and strange lyrics, sung emotionally, dynamically and masterfully by Avey Tare (going from falsetto to full on scream in a moment's notice), make this just damn cool.) 09-Year Zero- Nine Inch Nails (Nine Inch Nails's most concentrated album since The Downward Spiral. Perfectly industrial and hard electro, as well as keeping with Reznor's keen ability to mix pop songstructure with cacophony. Also has one of the least depressive/self-loathing concepts of his albums and even has a pretty nicely paced(ie, good song order) and interesting story too (and ARG to go with it).) 08-Untrue- Burial (Where it lacks in any sort of verve or such, this album makes up for threefold in a lush, beautifully textured ambient music with a great flow. Manages to be warm through all the cold, dark electronics) 07-†- Justice (FUCK THE COMMENTARY, LET'S GET UP AND DANCE WOO.... So, yeah. It's pretty gay that this is on here. But it has some of the most interesting songwriting, as well as most creative house music since Daft Punk's Discovery. It's bouncy house with a nice hard, almost spazzy, edge.) 06-Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga- Spoon (Rock n Roll in a modernly simplistic and minimalistic style. Done perfectly to a tee. Well crafted and played funky tunes with some damn good hooks and ... Well, it's hard to go on about a minimalist album... But it's good.) 05-Liars- Liars ( Noisy, cacophonic... Melodic? What sets this hard-avant-garde band apart is their embrace of rhythm. None of these songs are meanderings in time signatures with decimals, but they all keep the artistic integrity-- the noise-- and also has an odd dance-pop quality almost. I don't know; it's like the Beach Boys and Tool got together and made an album.) 04-The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!- Saul Williams (The only rap/hip-hop album I like. It sounds like if Trent Reznor was black, which is probably due to his co-writership and production of the album. Like with Sound of Silver, a lot of the lyrics are rather smart, as well as rather funny.) 03-Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?- Of Montreal (Some of Kevin Barnes's wackiest, and yet more emotionally resonant are on this album. Barnes was able to take all the angst of his life and make it into lush, beautiful glam-electropop melodies and also make it mean something.) 02-Sound of Silver- LCD Soundsystem (Intelligent dance music at its best. Lyrics are all meaningful and often rather funny. Amidst the synths and drum machines, James Murphy's voice seems almost odd with his auto-tuner-less wide tonal range. All the songs are also damn catchy, ranging in styles from funk to punk to 60s-era-hard-rock.) 01-In Rainbows- Radiohead (Radiohead's Best album since Kid A. It features a perfect mix of the electronic dabblings of Kid A and Amnesiac, and the rock and songcraft of The Bends and OK Computer. It's all smooth, flowy, dreamlike. it.... sounds like rain, so to speak. Probably their calmest effort to date, has some of Thom Yorke's most refined songwriting as well.) Special mention: Mirrored- Battles. Person Pitch- Panda Bear. No Promises- Carla Bruni. BEST TRACKS 10-15 Step- Radiohead (A perfect combination of all things Radiohead: A few keyboards, samplings and drum machines-- Some nice hard-rocking moments with traditional instrumentation-- a calm-ish ballad form almost-- This is what 6 albums has been building up to. A perfect, steady-paced opener.) 09-Straight Lines- Silverchair (Second-gayest song on the list. It's a great bit of pop-rock, I won't say to the extent of Brian Wilson, but that's the only analogy I can think to make. Really a pretty, well-composed and performed song.) 08-The Past is a Grotesque Animal- Of Montreal (Fuckin' epic. It's almost twelve minutes of raw, queer, melodic angst. Beautiful funky horrors dancing to some of the most affecting lyrics/vocal Of Montreal's put forth.) 07-I'm Not There- Sonic Youth (A no-wave band can effectively cover a Dylan song... Who knew? Sonic Youth are able to keep their noisy no-wave style strangely subdued, but just as wild, for this song and it works perfectly.) 06-NiggyTardust- Saul Williams (Hip-hop with a sense of humour more sophisticated than Eminem's Freudian ramblings. This song has got all of the ironic soul that has been missing from this music for years.) 05-The Ghost of You Lingers- Spoon (A haunting, avant-garde-edged ballad. Wonderful droning instrumentation and extremely good production and mixing) 04-D.A.N.C.E. - Justice (The perfect tribute to the King of Pop. Wildly catchy and danceable as well as extremely well composed, just like how Jackson would do. ) 03-Clear Island- Liars (The height of the surf-noise of the album. Dynamic and interesting with somewhat of a "classic punk" feel to it. Nice driving rhythm and some pretty tired sounding vocals (expectable, after so much of the album up to that point).) 02-Colleen- Joanna Newsom (One of Joanna Newsom's tightest and liveliest songs(Also features a pretty traditional structure with highlighted use of her signature "squeaks"). She has refined her singing voice greatly and kept her verbose and poetic verse just as deep and beautiful as ever. 01-All My Friends- LCD Soundsystem (Starting with a drone that John Cale, Lou Reed, and Brian Eno would collectively be entirely jealous of, this song builds into a bittersweet climax of everything that's cool about James Murphy. Intelligent elegiac lyrics, wonderfully simple melody and rhythm, masterful production, and soulful honest vocals. There are times that you just want to get up and hug him.) Special mention: Bodysnatchers- Radiohead. Atlas- Battles. Running Away- The Polyphonic Spree. Bros- Panda Bear. Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse- Of Montreal. No Comments
  • Radiohead weather...?

    by Fidelio-Roo on November 24, 2007 I've been mostly able to relate Radiohead albums to weather... Does any of this make sense? Pablo Honey-- Hot, muggy, and humid. The Bends--Crisp and windy. OK Computer-- Snowing in the nighttime. Kid A-- Partially cloudy at sunset or early evening. Amnesiac-- Basically the same as Amnesiac, except more cloudy. Hail To The Thief-- Like being in a large house alone during a big thunderstorm in the nighttime. In Rainbows-- Rain. The strongest feelings of the weather-parables were with In Rainbows and OK Computer. No Comments
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