• woo hoo

    by totally_kawaii on December 31, 2007 wow! in exactly 11 hours & 40 min. it will be 2008... oma gawsh! i soo cant wait! woo hoo No Comments
  • random BORED[ness]

    by totally_kawaii on December 13, 2007 Today is Thursday Im totally bored! Right now, at this second im listening to Sunglasses at Night by corey hart which so reminds me of See You Again by miley cyrus anyways... im sooo bored blah blah blah No Comments
  • MUSIC!!!

    by totally_kawaii on November 30, 2007 i seriously can't live without music!!! its my life... i like all genres of music from indie, rock, childrens, to oldies [plus more]! take music away from me and see what happens [hehehe]! music baby!!! No Comments
  • another year older...

    by totally_kawaii on October 04, 2007 todays my birthday! yay!!! oh yea; another year older baby!!! =] No Comments
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