• (;

    by LilMissSunshineXoXo on September 15, 2009 Gotta love sick days that involve a nurse costume ;D Comments are disabled
  • Rofll.

    by LilMissSunshineXoXo on September 13, 2009 So I got a phone call at like 2 in the morning, and I knew he was gonna call me but I still fell asleep. But anyway, I woke up and answered the phone, the only thing I remember was saying "hello" and "no baby, I wasn't sleeping." But I was on the phone for two hours with him? Haha, I'm really curious as to what I sais. Comments are disabled
  • Fml.

    by LilMissSunshineXoXo on August 31, 2009 I fucking hate school. It's so horrible! :/ I can't wait 'till the 7th (: As of right now, that's the only thing keeping me going. Comments are disabled
  • I fucked up.

    by LilMissSunshineXoXo on August 14, 2009 So, I have lost my best friend. She has completely abandoned me. All i fucking do is tell her I'm gonna have sex, and she hasn't talked to me since. I'm sorry that I'm growing up, I'm sorry that I'm in love, I'm sorry that you can't just accept him. He's changed my whole world, he made me laugh again, and you, my best friend, can't just fucking accept that. I love him soo much, and I know he loves me. You say you don't want this for me, so do you want me to be unhapy? Is that what I'm getting at? You know what? I miss you, even though you treated me like shit when I told you. You fucking called me a "whore" to my face, and I still miss you. That's how much I love you, and you don't even care. You told me you didn't care about my life anymore, so if I were to throw myself off a bridge, you wouldn't care? I'm so confused with you right now, I mean, we were BEST friends. Nothing could tear us apart, then I meet this guy and you say you approve of him and that he's nice. Then you totally change your opinion and say that he's a douche bag, and that he's gonna break my heart. Well, he's not. I know what I'm doing, if I didn't want to do this I wouldn't. I'm in love and this is what I deserve from him, I don't deserve you telling me that I'm a whore. So Fuck. You. Comments are disabled
  • Ohh nooo,

    by LilMissSunshineXoXo on July 28, 2009 I'm so stupid sometimes, I'm never gonna be let out of this house again, shit. I really fucked uppp. Last night was amazing and horrible at the same time. Haha I'll break it down for you; Amazing: spending all night watching disney movies, then walking down to the beach, the moonlight's the only light, being the only people out there. Fucking perfection. Horrible: Having your parents catch you when you're skinny dipping. Yeah, that was my night. Comments are disabled
  • Holy hell,

    by LilMissSunshineXoXo on July 27, 2009 Summer's just a flying by. I don't wanna go back at all. Summer love is fucking amazing, that's all I can say. I can't even describe this feeling. It's like I'm just happy all the time, when I think about him my heart pounds a mile a minute. And I'm so scared that school's gonna change that. You know what I learned though? Lust is a huge part of love. At least for me it is. Some people out there may disagree with me, but if I never lusted after him, I never would of fallen head over heels in love with him. Have you ever met someone and they just change your opinion on life completely? Like just one conversation with that person and you feel like you know everything you need too. And you feel like, complete? I have. ♥ Summer's ending soon, it needs to happen tonight. And you know what? I think it might (: Comments are disabled
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