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  • newayz

    by FallOutBoyGirl4Life on May 28, 2007 boys suck bricks, big fat sharp bricks, BIG TIME bite em and suck em and steal em then eat em out ...again... No Comments
  • March 26, 2007

    by FallOutBoyGirl4Life on March 26, 2007 *a sensational voice* uhh mmmkay im better the death is done. No Comments
  • fuckedup

    by FallOutBoyGirl4Life on December 23, 2006 not too sure what to type righ tnow... so much bottled up inside... nobody to talk to... specially not the one person that likes me... why would he want to talk to me? i mean, who talks to the person they like? only retards i guess... just fedup thats what i wana type JUST PLAIN FUCKIN FED UP No Comments
  • wut

    by FallOutBoyGirl4Life on December 23, 2006 shit No Comments
  • BASS

    by FallOutBoyGirl4Life on December 23, 2006 got 26 days to work with really should be got 28 days in between. wish it was LOOONGER though. freakin TOM! dumb dumb dumb!!!!!!!! EEEEeEEEErRrRr *gotcha thinkin huh, dont, you'll hurt your pretty little head (which happens to be the only thing you've got goin for yah) ha, makin myself laugh. ha ha ha, which makes me happy =) haha* ...I'm an addict for dramatics I confuse the two for love... ~TOTALLY ADDICTED TO BASS~ No Comments
  • evan... cute name

    by FallOutBoyGirl4Life on December 23, 2006 I believe in you. I would do anything just to find you. I have to be with you, to live, to breathe, you're taking over me...   I'm dying, praying, bleeding, and screaming. Am I too lost, to be saved, am I too lost?.. My God, My Tourniquet, return to me...   -Evanescence   those words sound so real... No Comments
  • uhk

    by FallOutBoyGirl4Life on December 23, 2006 ...i would totally just punch him in his teeny tiny balls and kick him in his FUGLY UGLY face because he hurts ppls! i sooo missed that... ...i'm totally doing everything except for what you want me to do... No Comments
  • cat in da hat

    by FallOutBoyGirl4Life on November 09, 2006 i sooo cant breathe out my nose freakin fun righ? yuup i miss 'em *shucks* TENNESSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEeeeEEEEE ^ hate you ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~|-----|~~~ ~~_|___|_~~ ~ ~/~|_|~ \~~ ~~|~~ * ~ ~|~~ ~~ \~\_/~/~~ ~~~~|~~| ~~~ ~~~/~~~ \~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ hit me ...or...leave me one... No Comments
  • contageous

    by FallOutBoyGirl4Life on November 06, 2006 my words mean more than a card in the mail ... |= ----------------------------------------------------------- | ----------------------------------------------------------- =| ...from a friend you havent heard from in years *outrageous* No Comments
  • po'Ams

    by FallOutBoyGirl4Life on November 06, 2006 Facing the Truth My life ie a book, page after page. Horror, Happiness and lots of rage. Everyone reads it, but no one has figured it out. They judge my book because of all my doubts. I can't help that i am this way. I didn't ask you to read it, I didn't tell you to stay. Page after page, you keep the book open. Interrupt me asking "Why are you so broken?". My rely is weak, I have no words left. But you keep on going without a breath. I don't like my thoughts being thrown around. You misunderstand me, you point and you frown. You laugh, you joke, I'm you and your friends sick little game. Well I hope you enjoy but I'm not the one that's lame. I do what I can to help, believe me I do. But I don't think you're willing for me to help you. -me No Comments
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