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    by sychiverbic on February 17, 2005 I recently joined (just a few moments ago), and my first comment was for Coldplay's song "Spies," which is one of my favorite songs. After listening to one of Coldplay's songs, I always turn the music off for a moment and contemplate it's true meaning -- the deeper side of the song that the band was trying to tell us or show us. I believe that in "Spies," they are trying to tell us that we shouldn't give up on life and run away from it, because nothing good can happen if we do so. And that all we have to do is think in a more positive way, and there will be nothing to run from or hate. I've spent a lot of time thinking about the meaning of this song, and everyone has their own opinion on the meaning of each song they hear, and this is mine. No Comments
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