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  • December 1, 2006

    by winker on December 02, 2006 I'm irked at myself for not coming here more often. I've listened to a hell of a lot of music between now and the last time I wrote. I've gotten into the habit of buying a lot of soundtracks and compilation discs. It hear a lot of artists and bands that I might not hear otherwise and get a decent idea of whether I like them or not. Lately I've a new appreciation for the Waterboys. I had thought that I had never heard them. I borrowed my SIL's Good Will Hunting soundtrack and found a song on there that I couldn't stop listening to called Fisherman's Blues by the Waterboys. I searched YouTube for them and also found that they sang The Whole of the Moon, one of my all-time favorites which I never found out who recorded it.... Was pleasantly surprised to find it was the WBs. Some day I will edit this, I'm on my third glass of wine and some other things and I'm sure my typing will attest to it Other music I'm listening to: Golden Smog, Another Fine Day. Great music. I will be listening to it for a while. Getting much more into the Cure and I wish Sir Braddington was around to share the joy with me. I never should have put off getting into this band. I love 'em! I've discovered Pandora. Love it and am hearing tons of new music and liking a lot of it. Also listening to: Napoleon Volatile, Morrisey, RB's Blackwater Surprise (Train), the Shins, R.L.Burnside, the new sndtrk for Open Season, featuring mostly Paul Westerberg (my favorite) tunes, Elliott Smith, a bunch more... When I have more time I'll come on here and update. No Comments
  • 7 October 2005

    by winker on October 07, 2005 My "crush" on Death Cab for Cutie has developed into a full-fledged love affair. I cannot get over the depth and sensitivity of the lyrics. There seem to be a lot of references to spans of space and time. I love the Greyhound station where he sends his thoughts in "Soul Meets Body". I love the whole summer skin thing; there are too many themes to list here. Sheer poetry sometimes. And the music is equally addicting. They do that thing with guitars that Interpol does that I love, kind of using them like drums, can't explain it exactly but it is way cool. I have gotten away from listening to Paul at least once a day, which I had been doing since last January. I feel like I've been cheating on him. Sorry Buddy, I still love you! You're on my Keepers playlist in Windows Media Player. My friend Mike is going to help me decide what kind of player I would like to get, whether an iPod or something similar. So ignorant about the whole downloading thing and all that. He's going to have to teach me alot. Mike's favorite band of all time is Rush. Was at Borders in Ohio over the weekend and bought their Spirit of the Radio cd. (It's a greatest hits cd and has all thee old Rush songs I remember from way back). Having a bit of trouble with it (not much on there to dance to) but I really like the words and music to Spirit of the Radio and love the song Time Stand Still. Mike told me Aimee Mann sings on it. And she appears in the video for the song. It's a beautiful song with a good message. My other music friend Mo and I have been talking about the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl. When I get time I would like to check them out. I have a whole list of music I want to hear; Sufjan Stevens, Kathleen Edwards, Sound Sector 6, Ivy, Kings of Leon, a multitude of others. Maybe if I get off here, I could do that now. But first I'm going to read some more song lyrics from Transatlanticism and Plans, and see what people are saying... Till next time... No Comments
  • 5 September 2005

    by winker on September 04, 2005 My "music life" has been gratifying and growing lately. I am madly in love with Arcade Fire and can't get enough of them. I see that they're playing at a concert event in NYC Sept. 14-17. Their cd "Funeral" is with me at all times and I usually listen to it at least once per day. It't part of me now and I use it when I want to go to my happy place. I've also gotten a crush on Death Cab for Cutie. I've been listening to them on a Spin sampler and my new Six Feet Under soundtrack which was recommended to me by my new, best online friend, Mike. (Not to be confused with my old friend, Mike S.) We both really like Transatlanticism, he downloaded it the same week I bought it. I really need to discuss a cd called Different Names for the Same Things that I got, but I don't have it here with me so I will do that later. It's Excellent. The SFU Sndtrk is also Excellent, especially a track called Breathe Me by Sia. I tried to watch the first seven episodes of the HBO show but my week was too busy. Mike had told me that they finish every episode with a song and that a lot of the music is really good. From what I listened to on the sndtrk (vol. 2), I have to agree. I will need to check out volume 1 when I can. My fondness for Cold Play has grown. I was not terribly impressed with them at first listen but I'd been hearing that they'd been touted as the next U2 and imagine I was expecting too much. While I like them better now, in fact much better, I hardly see them right up there beside Bono & Co. While I'm sitting here I'm listening to some old Love and Rockets (Sweet F.A.) and liking it a lot. We went to a flea market today that was part of a Labor Day celebration and I bought a bunch of cds, real cheap. I picked up the Romeo and Juliet Sndtrk, Totally Wired (compilation including Romeo Void, Lords of the New Church, Slits, Joy Division and The Fall. The others I never heard), a Dance Hits cd with The Hustle on it :-) and The Spin Doctors' Pocket Full of Kryptonite which I listened to for about 4 tracks and decided not to keep. My friend Mike and I discuss music a lot during our on-line chats. We enjoy a lot of the same music with only a few exceptions. For one, I'm not able to sell him on Paul W. and he's liking the Tragically Hip. I listened to a couple of their songs and couldn't get past the lead singer's voice. But he's gotten me interested in Rush, a band I haven't heard since high school and never really appreciated then. I still love their sound tho' and they have some excellent lyrics that I never really listened to. I'm really liking a band called Embrace. Two of their songs I love: Ashes which Rude Cactus posted on his audioblog and another song Gravity which is on the cd I bought, along with Ashes. Ashes is a great drive-fast-on-a-hot-day-with-all-the-windows-down kind of song. (Have since found out that Gravity was written by Chris Martin of Cold Play). Lately listening to: Secret Garden- Bruce Springsteen Slave to Love- Bryan Ferry Gorgeous- Gene Loves Jezebel Cure for Pain- Morphine Breathe Me- Sia Arc of Time- Bright Eyes Cold Wind- Arcade Fire and new favorite; Transatlanticism- Death Cab for Cutie Going to sign off for now and listen to some tunes. No Comments
  • 6 August 2005

    by winker on August 06, 2005 Way too long since I've been on here. Since my last entry, I've gotten Jeff Buckley's Grace and it's wonderful. Hallelujah is my favorite on the cd and I could listen to it over and over. Still likin' Yo La Tengo. It's definitely mood music but I can listen to it in just about any mood. Have fallen in love head over heels with Interpol, got their other cd, Bright Lights Big City. I don't love it as much as Antics but its great. Interpol's music puts me in a definite place, makes me want to dance and/or go somewhere to be where their music is. I'm still not good with the lyrics and I think it's because they're so unexpected, kind of vague and open for a lot of interpretation (my opinion). But listening always makes me feel good. Have bought Keane's Hopes and Fears. It's nice but predictable and not as close to the edge as I like my music. But for easy listening, it's there. My discovery of the year though is Arcade Fire's Funeral. This cd rocks my world. I can't get enough of it. This is a debut album which blows me away, thinking that this band still has places to go and music to create. They are so different and danceable. I can't believe that they got a whole band together and got a sound that solid and original. I've been listening to it at least once a day since I got it and don't plan on stopping for a long time. Their lyrics are haunting and original. The music itself sets such a mood. They're a Canadian band, Leadman Win Butler is married to the female vocalist Regine. Some members are from Texas I believe, the others Canada. I picture a town in the North long ago with dirt streets and wooden plank sidewalks. A sawmill keeps the town going. There are bars, a school, a couple stores, post office, maybe a bordello, a couple of churches, a livery, etc. But the hub of the town is a big old wooden recreation hall with wooden floors, high ceiling, heated by coal stoves and lit by oil lamps. It's cold, very, and sleety. The streets are muddy. The town is dark except for bare lightbulbs strung between the buildings. It's Saturday night in November and everyone is gathering at the Hall. Women and girls wear calico dresses, woolen leggings, boots and parkas. The standard uniform for the men is a Woolrich plaid coat or vest, boots, pants and everyone wears long johns. Saturday nights bring the town together, a way to escape from the long winter nights and short cold days. Plenty of drink and lots of dancing and commraderie (sp?). Musicians from the town entertain until the wee hours of the morning, making music from an ancient upright piano, accordians, instruments handed down in families through generations. This is all etched in my mind and I go there when I listen to Funeral. I have a new friend to share music with. His name is Michael and he is also Canadian. He likes more Classic Rock than I do but we're recommending music to one another and that's how it should be. He downloaded some Replacements to listen to, I'm anxios to hear what he thinks. I actually want him to get more into Paul, I think he'll appreciate the witty lyrics and scope of his talent. He told me of a song by Yes- the lyrics are beautiful, I must hear the song. I don't have the album so I need to look for it. He offered to send it to me. He wants me to check out Mark Knopfler's new Golden Heart. I looked for it at The Wall today and they didn't have it. Instead I bought Cold Play's _____________ .(CRS) I liked X&Y pretty much and decided to try this. Clocks is on it and a song called Green Eyes. Will let you know how I like it. Also got Embrace. I had heard the song Ashes on Chris' Audio Blog and fell in love with it. The whole cd is good. I'v also bought a couple of Guster cds, Modest Mouse, Snow Patrol and Bright Eyes. Will talk about them later :-) Signing off for now. No Comments
  • 15 April 2005

    by winker on April 16, 2005 After listening to a cd sampler from Spin Magazine, I bought Interpol Antics and have listened to it every day this week. Having trouble with the lyrics which are about impossible to decipher but loving the music. Yo La Tengo is my next conquest. Am reading about them and want to get Mo to recommend which cds I might like. The Double is cool too. Am also listening to The Mighty Lemondrops, a band I always thought I'd like to hear more of in the 80's. Ok, so it took me awhile to get around to it. Good tunes to dance to. Found out today that Neil Young had a brain aneurism operated on this week. Hope he's ok... Been hearing The Blind Boys of Alabama singing Spirit in the Sky on WYEP. Want to check out Jeff Buckley's Grace too. Goodnight Irene. No Comments
  • 05 March 2005

    by winker on March 05, 2005 This week listened to Echo and the Bunnymen, Nick Drake, Bryan Ferry, Del Amitri and some old U2. Was glad to hear that U2 is being inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And on my bithday! There are some way cool pictures of the band in this month's issue of Entertainment Weekly. Especially one of the guys and their fathers. Decided this week that the Killer's Hot Fuss, with the exception of the last song, is a really great cd to work out to. No Comments
  • 19 February 2205

    by winker on February 19, 2005 A friend, Mojo lent me his copy of Morphine's Yes. It's awesome. I bought Cure for Pain and can't stop listening to it. Mailed a collector who owns 3500 CDs and he has no Morphine but said he'd have to check them out. My best discovery this year so far, but may be tied with the Killers. Am listening to Hot Fuss and loving All These Things that I've Done. Great! No Comments
  • 1 February 2005

    by winker on February 01, 2005 Yesterday heard THE Coolest song, Cure for Pain by Morphine. Had to crank it (I love my new stereo in my new car!) Ever hear a song that actually gave you a physical reaction? Won't go into that here and now. Anyway, I need to go buy it so I can hear it over and over. I'm compulsive that way. Ask Paul. This week have been listening to Echo and the Bunnymen and some John Mayer here and there. Mike S. gave me some jazzy crap by MM&W from Cleveland, can live without it. No Comments
  • 22 January 2005

    by winker on January 22, 2005 Snowed in today, major ! snow. Have been listening to Paul, John Mellencamp, Maroon 5 and a Deepak Chopra program called The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. Heavy stuff that's beginning to take over my life. It centers around coincidences and the role they play in your spiritual path. My life lately seems to be one big long string of 'em. They crop up in the most unexpected places. I've always been amused and fascinated by them but am learning to "read" what they mean in my life. An interesting journey, to say the least. Last night got together with some former classmates (a post-reunion reunion, if you will). Had a great time and my face still hurts from laughing so much. Today I'm working at home, trying to organize and get rid of excess shit. The day is flying by and I'm not accomplishing as much a I'd like. So must go. No Comments
  • 31 December2004

    by winker on December 31, 2004 Getting all philosophical like I do every year @ this time. Want to clean out closets, drawers, etc. and throw out multitudes of unnecessary crap. Also must look inward and "houseclean" there too. Must quit smoking, set up exercise routine, eat healthier, be nice, all that. In essence tho', what I probably will do is do some serious thinking on the subject for about an hour and then predictably revert back to my old bad habits. Happily, I might add. Happy New Year. How the fu-- did it get to be 2005??? No Comments
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