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  • I don't have the energy to be appropriately oblique about this right now

    by artemisagrotera on July 03, 2015

    but you woke me up, sleeping in the underworld and didn't even know it, because i was dreaming that i had already escaped

    Thank you so much. I cried a lot and wrote a lot and processed a bunch of emotions I hadn't addressed yet, or even really know what to do with. I've been working on, umm, awakening kali, if you will forgive such a florid sidestepping


    becoming the one who cuts the thread is harder though


    (Also, guess what? Big surprise, I'm drunk and high, so this is all probably ridiculous)



    But I am very much looking forward to tomorrow and hearing how it's changed.  


    which is why I can't sleep at 3am


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  • Forked Tongue

    by luckybamboo on July 02, 2015

    I promised myself this would be the last time 


    If I can't trust myself who can I trust 

    If I don't love myself how can you? 

    I can still hear your voice telling me it was ok even when it wasn't 

    I wanted you to kiss it better

    Not fuck it out of me

    And leave 

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  • Puns

    by CamberIsSo on June 24, 2015 As someone who makes puns very often, I am qualified to tell you about the process for making a pun, how puns are a great part of humor and literature, what benefits puns have, and how pretty much any situation can inspire a pun.      The pun-making process may seem difficult at first, however once you have practiced the method multiple times; it will get easier to create puns on the spot. The first step is to listen and watch conversations and events closely. If you aren’t paying attention, you might miss a perfect opportunity for a pun. Next you must make connections between the topic (or event) and your prior knowledge. Your prior information includes the way certain words sound and words that sound similar, or the same, that have multiple definitions. Finally you are at the hardest part of the pun-making process, actually saying your pun. This step in the process is often underestimated, but making a pun is more difficult than coming up with it. Even if you do mess up, just stay confident.  For example, your friend is about to bake a dessert and needs to use tinfoil. However, you notice that they are struggling with the package. In your mind you make the connection that “foil” can also mean “to prevent something considered wrong or undesirable from happening”. After you make that connection you exclaim, “Foiled again!” Different people have different pun-making processes. As Evan Edinger said, “Whenever I hear people talking or tweeting, I see words. I automatically break them up into their syllables, and then in my head these syllables are automatically cross-referenced with other words that sound like them and related words within that sentence and then I make puns out of it “     Puns are usually described as either the best thing that has ever happened to humor or the worst. However, many famous authors, playwrights, and public speakers integrate puns into their work. Famous people who use puns in their work include, but are not limited to, J.K. Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Ridley Pearson, William Shakespeare, Hannah Hart, and Albert Einstein.  As Alfred Hitchcock said, “Puns are the highest form of literature.”   Puns are often thought of as a silly humor without any “real-life” benefits; however, this assumption is incorrect.     Punderstanding puns involve processing information such as the sound and meaning of words twice. English puns are divided into four categories. The first category is sound-alike puns. This type of pun includes homophones such as “write” and “right” The next category is look-alike puns. My example earlier about foil is a demonstration of a look-alike pun. The third category of puns is close-sounding puns. One close-sounding pun example is, “The barber opened a shavings account at the bank.” The fourth type of pun is one of the most common. In fact you’ve probably made a texting pun. Texting puns include spelling “great” with the number 8 as well as the age old “why is six afraid of seven?” joke.      There are many opuntunities to make puns. Pretty much any situation can involve a pun. For example, I absolutely detest seaweed so much that I actually shriek when it brushes up against my leg. After my almost 100th scream, I turned to my aunt Nancy and stated, “I must have hit a C# (sea-sharp). That was a close-sounding pun because C-sharp is a musical note and “C” sounds like the word “sea”.     Puns are a great part of humor and language. As you now know, there is a process for making a pun, puns are a great part of humor and literature, puns have benefits, and pretty much any situation can inspire a pun. The most important part of making puns is not giving up. As Evan Edinger said,” The more puns you make the more you can’t stop making.”

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  • Does Title Matter?

    by Rmeena on June 24, 2015

    Now they just gave these useless report cards. I'm saying useless because I know each person with the lowest mark of IQ can get the best marks in these lessons by just memorizing them the night before the exam. I was about to write these stuff on my blog yet my host has been damaged and the server is unavailable, and I was looking for somewhere to calm me down after the quarrel I had with my mom about... urghgh, marks, and then I recalled here.

    Marks has always been a disaster. I guess I had always been the only student who never cared about the report card and felt no stress in the day of receiving it, and the reason is clear: I knew I would get the lowests. That didn't really matter 'til this year of junior... You know in here junior marks play a big role in your destiny and the university you're going to enter. All I want to say is that these lessons are bullshit. And the exam taken from them is even more bullshit. Do they seriously think I might be a memorizing machine? Am I a computer?

    I hope it's not considered selfish of me for what I'm gonna say, but non of those top students have the slightest idea of what they actually are studying, and that's what I have, and I hardly believe lessons are matters of LEARNING not MEMORIZING.  And I assure you that I have totally LEARNED what I studied in the last eleven years of going to school. I just get frustrated when I'm sitting upon a book and try to memorize every line. 

    And that's what these exams are about. They put questions of the smallest details in the book, and they call it "A conceptual question". All bullshit.

    Well I guess I'm better now. Thanks God that senior year's exams are much more serious, and much less necessary to memorize.

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  • Kasey Chambers, Am I not Pretty Enough, song meaning

    by Robin1028 on June 22, 2015

    She feels invisible. Perhaps she's lonely and doesn't think she matters.
    She does everything she knows to get his attention and get him to engage in conversation, a real relationship. But she doesn't get the attention she needs from the one who mattes most to her.
    She tries. She prays. She puts makeup on, gets fixed up. She takes the rejection. But her love is not reciprocated like she needs.
    It's just a very lonely song.
    Maybe her love does other things for her. But giving her tender loving care is not one of those things, and that's what she needs the most.
    A lot of women feel this way, I suppose, and can relate to this song.

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  • Rivers and Roads

    by leavesintheriver on June 21, 2015


    Rivers and roads
    Oh rivers and roads
    Oh rivers 'til I reach you



    The Head & The Heart - Rivers and Roads

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  • Why Were Your Hands Shaking?

    by luckybamboo on June 16, 2015

    I pick up and leave 

    Don't get to close if you don't want on your knees 

    Like a breath of hot air on a window pane 

    I'm temporary

    I'm too proud to love you

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  • Trespass Sweetly Urged

    by luckybamboo on June 13, 2015

    Sinister kites in my night time sky

    Understudy for sickness 

    I can't reach the off button

    And then it's you and I in the back of the mall

    We do it well and often 

    But our frequencies interfere 

    And you cant just change me 

    I'm not a channel

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  • scared

    by luckybamboo on June 11, 2015

    the pillars of my mind break under the stress of demolition 

    like weak ankles on ice 

    i see more colors than you but that doesnt mean they're all beautiful 

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  • escapist fantasies

    by luckybamboo on June 05, 2015

    i'll be sucked into a black hole

    drown in the shallow end of a pool 

    struck by lightening, hit by a car

    crack my head on a marble countertop 

    make it stop 

    too long inside the garage with the car running 

    wait until my lungs pop 

    freeze in a snow drift 

    fall of a dangerous cliff 

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  • Missing You

    by SilentSymphony on June 04, 2015

    I'm not sure how this works. I've never been able to put words to emotions. I've never been able to tell you how much I adored you and yet I was so in love with you.

    I wish I was able to show you the way our heartbeats were meant to be together. I miss your hands and the way you used to make me feel so alive. I miss everything about you. I don't know how to let you go.

    This isn't how I imagined this going. Hiding behind a profile and screaming at the top of my lungs for the moon to come and take me away all the while fighting the sun, the only sun I had ever wanted and longed for, to leave.

    How can you look at me now, with so much distaste, when you promised me nothing but the stars in the sky. How I wish my eyes could still shine as bright as they did the night I lost you to yourself.

    I still long for you. I still need you. I'm still inevitably in love with you.

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  • i miss this

    by artemisagrotera on June 04, 2015




    i miss you



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  • interstellar

    by artemisagrotera on June 02, 2015

    i used to think that binary stars were sort of a romantic metaphor for two people who are strongly attracted to each other but, for various reasons, neither of them does much about it overtly

    but then i watched an artist's representation of what actually happens to binary stars, and although it was beautiful and fascinating, it made me sad

    it's actually a decent metaphor for a relationship, but not really the outcome i'm looking for

    at least we would get a few million years together before things became unpleasant

    but to a star, that really isn't a very long time



    "This artist's impression shows how hot, brilliant and high-mass stars evolve. New work using ESO telescopes has shown that most such stars are in pairs. These stars are up to one million times brighter than the Sun, and evolve about one thousand times more quickly. As the stars evolve they expand slowly. The more massive brighter star expands first, until the outer layers start to strongly feel the gravitational pull of the companion, deforming the star into a teardrop shape. The companion then starts to suck material from the primary star. When the primary has been stripped from its entire hydrogen rich envelope it shrinks. At this point the secondary star is now rotating very fast and has an oblate shape. The hot compact star continues to fuse heavier and heavier elements in its centre until it explodes as a supernova. During the explosion a neutron star is born which probably escapes. The secondary is left behind alone. It swells up and becomes a red supergiant with a radius a few times larger than the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. Eventually the second star also explodes as a supernova."


    (watch the video)

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  • tumbleweeds

    by CleanLaundry on May 30, 2015

    on a shrouded mountain in Bolivia

    he fucks up the takeoff execution and lands heavily on his knees further down the slope. the sound of his kneecaps hitting the ice makes a sickening, splitting sound and everyone looks away, grimaces in every other direction. 

    a healing ritual, smoke and bones. a man with withered face and lantern jaws. 

    A voice from within 
    You're not alone

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  • Entry 4: The Weekend

    by sokorny on May 29, 2015

    The week is coming to a close, and thankfully this weekend is a long one for me (WA Day). So that's always a bonus.

    But how to make it through the last few hours of work? The answer:

    "Music, sweet music" (to quote Martha's Dancing in the Streets).

    Today it is Dream Theater's job to get me through the rest of the day. They should definitely be up for that :P

    Anyone got any concerts lined up for this weekend? I am hoping to make the Machine Head concert in a few weeks, but there is a local hardcore/punk/metal festival happening this weekend (I think) that should be entertaining. Who knows might find some diamonds in the rough.

    Do you enjoy checking out local bands?

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  • forays in modern dating or how i'd rather climb trees

    by RosesAtSunset on May 24, 2015

    "what are you saying without words?" he breathed as our faces were inches apart

    "what do you think i'm saying without saying?" i smiled coyly, tightly pushing down the cork in my heart

    "that you're not taking this seriously, at least not like i am - but it's okay, well, i don't mind," he smiled back, but his anxiety leaked out in his eyes despite his best efforts

    "you are mistaken," i said with the phlegm in my throat cutting my credibility

    "oh am i?" he asked rhetorically with that stupid, little, lopsided smirk reappearing on his (though i hate to admit it) handsome face

    "yes," i said primly as i left the room to segway into another conversation topic as this one was getting too close to the truth

    i never told him what i was really saying without saying but i'll tell you:
    i am manic and you are everything, your eyes smile body soul make my heart burst open like a cheap bottle of so-called champagne and i would do anything for you to feel the same way but i know that you could never even come close and i'm tired of playing it cool but i can't because thems the breaks when you want to date someone who cares so much about what other people think and the way that things are supposedly meant to be carried out in today's convoluted dating structure so i'll play along for a while longer while i hope that you're the bluebird i've been waiting for

    i'm glad i never told him because he turned out to be a waste of time. he thought he could lead me on and that i wouldn't leave because i was too attached. he was mistaken (he usually was). he might have burned me, but i hope you didn't forget that my name is ash. and now he's all salty because i don't want to be his friend, but like j. cole said,

    "i had you 
    but you can't have me 
    i never stay"

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  • The Hippie Kitsch Colouring Book is Now Available

    by candyhippie on May 19, 2015

    Hey guys and gals, I've been gone a while because I've been working hard, drawing pages without releasing them as I go. Today I finally compiled my drawings into a printable coloring book, blaring the Nightwish Live at Wacken Open Air 2013 concert all the while. I probably would have been finished a bit earlier if I hadn't listened to it -- there are so many parts I just have to flip back to YouTube to watch because listening isn't enough. But hey, no biggie. This is the beauty of working at home.

    About half of the ten Hippie Kitsch pages are as-yet unreleased, including a lovely decorated guitar, so take a look! Hippie Kitsch by Candy Hippie.

    I'm dead tired but I'm also already planning the next two books. I just got a pack of really good Staedtler inking pens, so expect the next book to be even better than this one.


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  • this is your eviction notice: you must vacate my mind in 30 days or less

    by RosesAtSunset on May 18, 2015

    today was a good day 
    green grass tickling my back and
    bright tulips blooming a few feet away

    i shift restly
    between the damp cool shade
    and the shining hot sun

    elizabeth didn't get on the plane today
    and it was sad
    but not how it was supposed to be sad

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  • waking up with the lights on

    by serenity23 on May 12, 2015

    I wake up feeling terrified and alone, and the second part is undebatable which makes me accept the first. Terrified. Why? Because I am a writer who doesn't write. i'm a friend who doesnt show. Im a dealer of illness, i am ill, i am ill and im alone and its dark and im scared. I havent ever gotten this far nefore. I know i can turn back, i have to turn back. "You'll be sick" the voice hisses at me. "You need these pills. You'll be in pain". But a few days ago i let someone stick a needle in my arm, and it is only in putting that sentence in words that brings it to life, colors it dark, not an ordinary day. And the saddest part of all i think is that if i hadnt already learned that no one will ever save you, that i could get away with shooting up heroin probably 30 more times before someone would even say something...thats the part that scares me the most. This is your world now go fucking live in it. Pain. Pain casued by degenerated discs and not eating right and doing lots of drugs and hiding like a vampire going only to the chiropractor so i can beg fro tramadol, which i cant even get. I stayed up all night so i wouldnt miss the appointment. I didn't used to need sleep. Now I find myself drifting off waking up from dreams that still seem real. I feel like something bad is about to happen. Mark. Why do you do that? Why do you dip and dash through the pages of my life and we never ever meet so i cant tell if youre reading along or if its all some big sick game. You scare me. You HURT me. I want to scream. it makes no difference. I am utterly and permanently alone. Everytime i try to connect, it gets spit in my face. my faith in the world is at an all time low. and i dont have enough of a place outside it or in it or anywhere not to feel affected. Brian doesnt answer. I am in danger and brian doesnt answer. Is this my life? Am I really signing up for another year of this waste, this recklessness? I suppose I am. Brittany is good at life though. Maybe she can help me, but I sense that I am stronger. Dark overpowers. We can't see clearly to choose and if you never choose inevitably the choice will be made for you. I dont want to hurt her. I dont want to hurt anyone. but hurt people hurt people. i dont know how to take all the pain and turn it into something external that is good, so i swallow it in gulps of sadness, a martyr for nothing and no one, selfishness defined. I am not a good person. I am not extraordinary. I am not immune. I am a drug addict. I am a junkie. I am stuffy and crying and my boyfriend is too busy to call me. i have to move out of my apartment in 12 days. I will be away for 4 of them. I am scared it wont get done. i am scared that it will and brian will hate me. I am lost and no one cares. no one ever fucking cares. thats all im asking for, why is that too much??? Maybe it will be better at kinnection. Ill meet up with Brian, do some k, clear my head and my system out all at once. the scripts will help. I can bring a chair. I can be in pain. I can disappear into the world i used to feel safe in that i realize now is just the real world dressed up in pretty colors with music and some people who are exceptional and some who are sicker than me and this is how we create an identity that disguises it, makes it unrepellent. I have a line of dope left i dont know what to do with. i should save for tomorrow but brian wont talk to me and im scared. and i should get it out of my life. fuck this. i cant write anymore. it used to be beautiful but now my emotions are uncontrollable waves of panic that drown everyone close by which is a good excuse to keep them away. I want to disappear. I havent felt like this in a really long time. Yes, do the heroin. then it will be gone. then no more. 

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  • i would rather

    by RosesAtSunset on May 09, 2015

    let the black teeth of doubt and regret chew thru my core
    than hold my breath
    for a dove that turned out to be
    papier-maché waved around on a stick

    so let the wind sing thru the gaps in the windows of my car
    as his residual silhouette traces a heart in the spring fog
    i will dream of my best friends on beaches afar
    as i savour the city smog

    i asked him to take me gently
    instead he took me lightly

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