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  • I'm not Wonder Woman (crappy poem, don't bother reading)

    by AliAggen on July 27, 2015

    I'm just a woman, but you want me to Wonder Woman.

    I'm weak, but you want me to be strong.

    I'm tired beacause your words keep me awake.

    I'm my own person, but you want to control me.

    I am NOT Wonder Woman.

    I am NOT strong so quit hurting me.

    I am tired so quit talking.

    I am me so quit trying to change that.

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  • Don't Ruin Thanksgiving

    by luckybamboo on July 23, 2015

    You were my vermilion mystery

    Seven things all alike 

    You came out of the woods looking forward 

    And just like that you calmed the gravedigger in my heart

    I loved you for who you were but he's not here anymore 

    And now I stare at the bruises on my skin 

    (A thousand broken cappillaries) 

    They're all I have 

    Because you left faster than my body could heal

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  • Misty Eyes and Stained Lullabies

    by kamechan942 on July 23, 2015

    I dreamt of him for so many nights.

    And now I don't.

    All it took was a silent whisper and a text.

    I still love you.

    It's best that we don't talk anymore.

    I won't forget you.

    I don't care.

    Will you miss me?


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  • Why

    by luckybamboo on July 20, 2015

    I feel weighted

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  • fri jul 17 9:59 am

    by bcrxing on July 17, 2015

    goddess, you're beautiful. 

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  • Dear lover,

    by daethangel117 on July 13, 2015

    You cant honestly expect me not to be so cunfused.

    at the carnival you tell me that i'm a mess but love that about me, then you kiss me. But now you choose being at your house with your ex over being here with me. you have an option...i dont see why you chose her... you say you love me.... and you know i'd die for you... maybe that's what i'll end up doing.. even if it means nothing to you

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  • Finally to I love your eyes

    by daethangel117 on July 07, 2015


     It's safe to assume you haven’t figured out how this is going to save me… the answer to that is… I am one of the ones who have been trapped. This is my chance to escape. She is watching me as I type, her slender arms wrapped around my chest…like a little girl who just wants to be held… anyways… my escape will consist of at least five people calling the number… that is why I warned you. If you are looking for something fun to do, do this… no harm will come to you…unless you ignore the warnings.  Now all I have to do is wait…oh… and  BY the way…if you’ve read or listened this far *chuckle*… I am now able to watch you….I can now see your every move… not to worry…I cannot harm you. You have been warned….

  really do have beautiful eyes…

    See you soon…hahahaa….


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  • I love your eyes part V

    by daethangel117 on July 07, 2015


      I didn’t know at the time what the hell she was talking about...but she was in the back of my mind...everything i have feared...things i knew i couldnt let go of… now here’s what you need to be warned of… if that number ever texts you…or if you ever call that number (please note it only ever works on Mondays after the noon hour passes)  you have one month to follow all of the warnings…if you do not have a basement, you will end up finding a secret door in your house, whether it be a trailer or apartment. If you do not have a mirror, consider yourself lucky, for she (or he if you happen to be female) can only control you after you stare into the mirror for five seconds.  If you happen to ignore the warnings… you will be asked questions…. Depending on how you answer you will either be murdered, trapped in the room, or be free to go with no harm… by the way,… if you do have intercourse like…I did… your partner will be murdered…and their body will be used as a vessel to seduce you…



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  • I love your eyes: part IV

    by daethangel117 on July 07, 2015


                Something…wasn’t right…. The way she moved…was different…she smelled…like she hasn’t showered for days.. and just as I was about to pull back she whispered in my ear “you have…amazing eyes”  I tried pushing her away but her weak hug turned into a strong tight grip, almost as if…she…dug claws into my skin, not letting me go.


                “I was afraid if you knew…you wouldn’t stay…please come to the basement with me… I have something I would like to show you….please baby?”


    And it was like I couldn’t say no to her, things were very…very wrong. I let her lead me to the basement. As she walked…. She left mud prints… but her feet never seemed to touch the ground.


                When we got into the basement… the door was there like last time… the odder was much worse and it smelled as if whatever was rotting has been there forever.  What appeared to be…my girlfriend… was now a sickly figure…. Twisted in ways any normal human wouldn’t be possible of without sheer force..


                “I missed you… you don’t remember me… I always watch you… you sleep naked…and your parents died when you were ten….thankfully you ignored the warnings…now I can be with you forever…like you promised…do you remember?”




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  • I love your eyes: part III

    by daethangel117 on July 07, 2015


    I dropped my phone out of panic and the call ended. What could that woman possibly want me for?  She sounded too old to want anything *clears throat*…physical… what did she mean?! Then I thought…maybe this person had a machine that changes how the voice of one sounds… if that was true I figured I had to go to the police.  Seeing as it was already almost midnight, I figured I’d wait until morning. I went to bed, unable to rest. I practically stayed up all night thinking of possibilities and scenarios where I was either in danger or just being pranked. 


                In the morning I went to the police station with my phone in hand, I made sure I had the messages up so that I could show the police. Maybe they could track the number and bring them punishment. They led me to a small office like area, and asked me what happened. I explained to them what happened like how I got a random message, about the mud and door, and about the strange call. They seemed very suspicious and asked if I was on drugs… ha now that I think of it, I must have sounded really crazy… I handed them my phone and they looked at it for a few seconds, they then proceeded to look at me and tell me “If you are pranking us, you will be fined.” I looked at my phone and all the massages from the stranger were gone. Speechless and knowing that I would get in trouble if I pressed the issue I decided to apologize for the inconvenience I had made them and left without any other words.


                When I got home I sat on my bed, I couldn’t believe what was going on. This all seemed to realistic. At one point I convinced myself I was either paranoid, hallucinating, or in a coma. I passed out due to the stress and the migraine that the whole situation created.


                I opened my eyes and the clock read 12:07 a.m. and everything seemed dead silent. A cold sweat ran down my back and I got chills… there was something watching me… I could see…it… from the corner of my eye. I slowly turned my head to face it…and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness… I could make out the figure of an anorexic like human… I sat up and walked towards the person. “H-hello?... do you need some help? What are you doing in my house?” The figure turned to me…. It was a woman…no… it looked like…MY GIRLFRIEND?! I was so confused… she was supposed to be in Canada. I haven’t heard from her since our anniversary. The last thing she told me is she was going to see her mom in Fort Smith. I hugged her tightly, and she weakly hugged back.


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  • I love your eyes: Part II

    by daethangel117 on July 07, 2015


     After about two or three hours of cuddling my girlfriend went home, she said her family was waiting for her and that she would see me tomorrow at school, I kissed her goodbye and walked her to her car. It was the best day of my life, at least that’s what I had thought until I got back inside.


                When I reached my bedroom door I had noticed muddy footprints leading to and from the basement. I saw they went into my room, so I went to see if anything was damaged. I almost crapped myself when I saw an old fashioned envelope with a wax seal covered in bloody finger-prints. I carefully picked it up and slowly opened it. My heart raced because of the thoughts running through my head… “Who put this here?...” “Why do the footprints lead to the basement if the only way out of the house is through the front door?”


                There was a letter inside and it seemed to be fancy writing paper.  With a shaky hand I opened the letter, and I was surprised at how nice the handwriting was, it seemed to be old fashioned calligraphy. The note itself read:

    “..I warned you…


    …you have such pretty eyes...”



                    I was infuriated at the thought of someone watching me, and even more at the thought that they were inside MY house at that very moment. I grabbed a pistol I had stored in the safe under my bed and headed into the basement, not to kill whoever… or should I say…whatever was down there. I followed the mud prints to a door in the basement. I stood back confused… I lived here for two years and never once had I seen this door… in fact I was positive that it could never had been there because I had remodeled the house when I first moved in. I moved toward the door with caution, not knowing what could be on the other side. Normally I’d say I welcome silence…but when I touched the door knob, everything was way to quiet, as if someone…or something… was listening to my every move.


                I opened the door, my heart pounding in my chest. When the door was fully opened, it hit me. The awful odder that can only be described as decaying rot. There was no light source in the room, so only the light from behind me was able to illuminate the dark and musky area. I couldn’t make out any unusual shapes or figures. I calmed down a bit and thought to myself “maybe this was just an illusion…I need some sleep.” Being in college, after all, can take a lot out of anyone. I walked out of the room after spraying it with fabreeze. When I was walking back upstairs the mud wasn’t there anymore… I was convinced it was an illusion. It was now somewhere around 10 at night. I decided to call the number again, given it had been a week already.


                I had expected the same automated response message, but this time it… actually rang.  It rang about ten times, just as I was about to give up and hang up the phone there was an answer…


    (stranger: ) “*heavy and hoarse breathing”

    (me: )              “Hello?.... I don’t know who thi-”

    (stranger: ) “*woman’s raspy voice*you should have listened to my warnings”


    (stranger: ) “I am what I am…. You are Josh. ”

    My heart stopped at that moment. That was my birth name, and nobody knew it except my parents who have been dead since I was ten years old. I gulped and tried my best to talk calmly.

    (me: ) “What do YOU want from me.”

    (stranger: ) “*silence* … I want… you”


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  • July 06, 2015

    by daethangel117 on July 06, 2015

    Hello, my name is…well that isn’t important right now, you’ll find out soon enough.

    I want to share a story with you, but be warned, I am doing this only to save myself. If you get scared easily… I strongly suggest that you stop reading, or listening if you are watching this video… you see, if you do not get scared easily, you have a better chance of… getting out of this with what’s left of your sanity. And if you do not believe in the supernatural, think of this as simply something to kill time… this won’t kill you… that is of course if you know what to do when the time comes… I guess it would be best just to explain how it all started… before it’s too late anyway.


                    You see, this all began about four years ago. Things were pretty normal. I was a student at WNCC (Western Nebraska Community College). I was dating the head cheerleader, and god she was HOT. Well… one day during summer vacation I was browsing the internet for things related to a research paper that was due the next week. My topic was Peter Niers. He was responsible for killing 544 people in the Holy Roman Empire. He was believed to be into black magic and things of the supernatural realm, he was indeed a cannibal.


                    I stayed up until around one o’clock A.M. and decided to go to bed, when I received a text that read “whatever you do, don’t turn off your lights.” It was from an unknown number, so I figured it was just a prank text. I turned off my light and got undressed in the darkness and because I lived alone I didn’t have to worry about someone walking in on me while in the nude.


                    I woke up at 3:33 A.M. due to my phone going off. I have been receiving texts from the number that had told me to not turn off my lights earlier, and each of them containing a different warning. They came in this order and read:

    “Do not go into the bathroom anytime in the third hour”

    (I can only assume they meant 3:00 am till 3:59 am)

    Do not go into the basement, AT ALL”

    “Do not have intercourse”

    “Do not look into a mirror for more than five seconds”

    “I’m watching you right now”

    And the last one I received before I woke up, possibly the one that scared me the most

    “I love…staring into your eyes”


    By this point I was rather annoyed and decided to call the number. I dialed (***)-***-**** and I got the message “this number is not available at the moment, it is disconnected or no longer in service, please try again later or try a different number” and then it sounded like static. I hung up and decided to try later” it was now 3:40 on Monday morning after all…


                    I decided to go into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water, and then I was going to continue working on the research paper until I passed out. I had about two days left of vacation so I needed to hurry and finish so that way I could have at least some spare time.  The clock read 3:50 and I had managed to chug three bottles of water due to the heat. ‘I MUST relieve myself’ I thought. I went to the bathroom and did my business. When I was washing my hands I decided to look up into the vanity mirror, and it is then I remembered about the warning. I spaced out for a little bit while trying to figure out what the message read then I decided to check my phone.  I checked my phone and it was already five o’clock A.M. and the whole time I haven’t left the bathroom. “I must have spaced out for quite a long time” I thought to myself. I didn’t think anything of it, I mean I was under a lot of stress. I decided that I would try to go to sleep again, and to my surprise, I quickly drifted off to sleep.


                    About a week later after I was done with my classes for the day, my girlfriend came over to my house. It was our six year anniversary. We had been dating since we were sophomores in high school. We decided that that day was going to be special. I had lit candles before she got there and had opened a bottle of Champaign. When she got to the door I received a text that read “don’t forget the warnings…” and up until then I had forgotten all about it. Anyways, when she came inside I led her to the couch. We drank for about an hour while conversing about how memories, how our day was, and stuff along those lines. I kissed her softly and realized I never truly noticed how beautiful she was. Her hair long and jet black, her eyes a soft colored blue, her lips rosy pink, her blush when she smiled…it all could take ones breath away. After five minutes of sweet kisses things got more heated… and what happens next I need not say, I’ll leave that up to you to figure out.


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    by daethangel117 on July 06, 2015

    i am currently writing my own creepypasta, and i ned information on how to get it submited and or published. can anybody help me?

    "HELP! i need somebodies HELP! not just anybodies Help!"

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  • no subject

    by daethangel117 on July 06, 2015

    HEY YOU!

    you... you are so very beautiful.

    it's true, i dont know you...hell... i've probably never even seen you! but... that doesnt matter. To are beautiful.  i're broken. in one way or another.... you may not even know it.. i know...i know sometimes you feel like crying...or that sometimes you feel numb inside.. it may only last a second, or it may last all day... but guess what... no matter what anyone says, you will always be worth it. everybody is broken, and everybody finds ways to escape... i just hope your escape is safe. TO prove how beautiful i think....scratch that... to prove how beautiful i know YOU  are... i wrote you a poem.

    " your heart beats slow as you fall asleep
    into a land of broken dreams.
    and while your body seems so lifeless in the stillness of the night,
    my only wish is to hold you tight,
    when you're sleeping it all fades away,
    and it is the only time you know its going to be okay..
    your wrists may be stained... or you may be above the clouds,
    all in attempt to drown it all out.
    no matter what you do, ill be by your side,
    i will do anything... to keep you alive.
    you are like a bird,
    to fly you must first fall.
    so smile, take a chance, and dont be afraid...
    i smile because i know you can make it another day"

    i know i suck at poems, but this one's for you! just know i love you, and everything will be okay.

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  • I don't have the energy to be appropriately oblique about this right now

    by artemisagrotera on July 03, 2015

    but you woke me up, sleeping in the underworld and didn't even know it, because i was dreaming that i had already escaped

    Thank you so much. I cried a lot and wrote a lot and processed a bunch of emotions I hadn't addressed yet, or even really know what to do with. I've been working on, umm, awakening kali, if you will forgive such a florid sidestepping


    becoming the one who cuts the thread is harder though


    (Also, guess what? Big surprise, I'm drunk and high, so this is all probably ridiculous)



    But I am very much looking forward to tomorrow and hearing how it's changed.  


    which is why I can't sleep at 3am


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  • Forked Tongue

    by luckybamboo on July 02, 2015

    I promised myself this would be the last time 


    If I can't trust myself who can I trust 

    If I don't love myself how can you? 

    I can still hear your voice telling me it was ok even when it wasn't 

    I wanted you to kiss it better

    Not fuck it out of me

    And leave 

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  • Puns

    by CamberIsSo on June 24, 2015 As someone who makes puns very often, I am qualified to tell you about the process for making a pun, how puns are a great part of humor and literature, what benefits puns have, and how pretty much any situation can inspire a pun.      The pun-making process may seem difficult at first, however once you have practiced the method multiple times; it will get easier to create puns on the spot. The first step is to listen and watch conversations and events closely. If you aren’t paying attention, you might miss a perfect opportunity for a pun. Next you must make connections between the topic (or event) and your prior knowledge. Your prior information includes the way certain words sound and words that sound similar, or the same, that have multiple definitions. Finally you are at the hardest part of the pun-making process, actually saying your pun. This step in the process is often underestimated, but making a pun is more difficult than coming up with it. Even if you do mess up, just stay confident.  For example, your friend is about to bake a dessert and needs to use tinfoil. However, you notice that they are struggling with the package. In your mind you make the connection that “foil” can also mean “to prevent something considered wrong or undesirable from happening”. After you make that connection you exclaim, “Foiled again!” Different people have different pun-making processes. As Evan Edinger said, “Whenever I hear people talking or tweeting, I see words. I automatically break them up into their syllables, and then in my head these syllables are automatically cross-referenced with other words that sound like them and related words within that sentence and then I make puns out of it “     Puns are usually described as either the best thing that has ever happened to humor or the worst. However, many famous authors, playwrights, and public speakers integrate puns into their work. Famous people who use puns in their work include, but are not limited to, J.K. Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Ridley Pearson, William Shakespeare, Hannah Hart, and Albert Einstein.  As Alfred Hitchcock said, “Puns are the highest form of literature.”   Puns are often thought of as a silly humor without any “real-life” benefits; however, this assumption is incorrect.     Punderstanding puns involve processing information such as the sound and meaning of words twice. English puns are divided into four categories. The first category is sound-alike puns. This type of pun includes homophones such as “write” and “right” The next category is look-alike puns. My example earlier about foil is a demonstration of a look-alike pun. The third category of puns is close-sounding puns. One close-sounding pun example is, “The barber opened a shavings account at the bank.” The fourth type of pun is one of the most common. In fact you’ve probably made a texting pun. Texting puns include spelling “great” with the number 8 as well as the age old “why is six afraid of seven?” joke.      There are many opuntunities to make puns. Pretty much any situation can involve a pun. For example, I absolutely detest seaweed so much that I actually shriek when it brushes up against my leg. After my almost 100th scream, I turned to my aunt Nancy and stated, “I must have hit a C# (sea-sharp). That was a close-sounding pun because C-sharp is a musical note and “C” sounds like the word “sea”.     Puns are a great part of humor and language. As you now know, there is a process for making a pun, puns are a great part of humor and literature, puns have benefits, and pretty much any situation can inspire a pun. The most important part of making puns is not giving up. As Evan Edinger said,” The more puns you make the more you can’t stop making.”

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  • Does Title Matter?

    by Rmeena on June 24, 2015

    Now they just gave these useless report cards. I'm saying useless because I know each person with the lowest mark of IQ can get the best marks in these lessons by just memorizing them the night before the exam. I was about to write these stuff on my blog yet my host has been damaged and the server is unavailable, and I was looking for somewhere to calm me down after the quarrel I had with my mom about... urghgh, marks, and then I recalled here.

    Marks has always been a disaster. I guess I had always been the only student who never cared about the report card and felt no stress in the day of receiving it, and the reason is clear: I knew I would get the lowests. That didn't really matter 'til this year of junior... You know in here junior marks play a big role in your destiny and the university you're going to enter. All I want to say is that these lessons are bullshit. And the exam taken from them is even more bullshit. Do they seriously think I might be a memorizing machine? Am I a computer?

    I hope it's not considered selfish of me for what I'm gonna say, but non of those top students have the slightest idea of what they actually are studying, and that's what I have, and I hardly believe lessons are matters of LEARNING not MEMORIZING.  And I assure you that I have totally LEARNED what I studied in the last eleven years of going to school. I just get frustrated when I'm sitting upon a book and try to memorize every line. 

    And that's what these exams are about. They put questions of the smallest details in the book, and they call it "A conceptual question". All bullshit.

    Well I guess I'm better now. Thanks God that senior year's exams are much more serious, and much less necessary to memorize.

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  • Kasey Chambers, Am I not Pretty Enough, song meaning

    by Robin1028 on June 22, 2015

    She feels invisible. Perhaps she's lonely and doesn't think she matters.
    She does everything she knows to get his attention and get him to engage in conversation, a real relationship. But she doesn't get the attention she needs from the one who mattes most to her.
    She tries. She prays. She puts makeup on, gets fixed up. She takes the rejection. But her love is not reciprocated like she needs.
    It's just a very lonely song.
    Maybe her love does other things for her. But giving her tender loving care is not one of those things, and that's what she needs the most.
    A lot of women feel this way, I suppose, and can relate to this song.

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  • Rivers and Roads

    by leavesintheriver on June 21, 2015


    Rivers and roads
    Oh rivers and roads
    Oh rivers 'til I reach you



    The Head & The Heart - Rivers and Roads

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