my mother

  • August 25, 2012
  • kitkat95
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  • my mother died when i was fourteen and it was the hardest thing ever i was there at the hospital and then all of of a sudden the heart moniter went blank and thats when i knew that she was dead and thats when i started crying and thats when my dad had t take me out of the room and sit me down on the chair and say im sorry you had to see that but its going to be okay we will get through this together but then after awhile started wanting to try to kill my self i would go in the kitchen and take a knife and try to stick in my stomach but the best thing about it is that god took the knife out of my hand and put it back then he would say its not your time i loved my mom to death and still sometimes say that it was my fault but i know it is not but i feel like it was my mom and i would do everything together we would do crafts and cuddle up in the bed and watch tv and then we would paint  together we would go shopping my mom would buy me anything i wanted she would buy me clothes she would buy me shoes she would buy me toys like dolls cars drawing pads paint coloring books sea shells ladybug sheets and comforters iloved my mom to death and i miss her to death i will love you forever and always this to you mom !!!

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