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  • I always thought blogging was sort of weird, because it's not much more than a one-way conversation between me and you, and more often than not there really isn't any 'you' to speak of. So it's just sort of words, floating off into the nether, affecting little to no one. But people these days spend a lot of time doing it. Why? Because the human brain sucks at calculating probability and everyone believes that they will be 'the one' that breaks the mold and becomes the world's most successful [(insert your expertise here)] blogger.

    ...sorry, that was a bit dark. I'm not always like that... Anyway. This is my first day on SongMeanings and my first 'journal' (read: blog) entry on the site. Obviously... xD

    Back on topic, I'm snowleancy, a name chosen for no aparrent reason off of a randomly generated list of names. Because I'm cool like that. As you can tell from my sort of 'about me' blurb... somewhere, I'm a teenager, interested in psychology, history, literature and writing, horror (mostly survival horror video games. I love watching them, though I'm way too much of a coward to ever play them... I can't even play Half Life, that's how bad I am...) and the wonderful piano. Most of my music is what I like to call 'Piano Rock,' partly because it's accurate and partly because it conjures up the scene in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure when Beethoven is rocking out. Some people call it soft rock, some call it alternative, some call it light... you know what I mean. Think The Fray, Coldplay, etc.

    Anyway... I think that's a solid enough block of text. If you've read this far, I congratulate you. You either are that interested in my theories/personality/me or you really like finishing things. Either way, you deserve a cookie. Cheers! :D

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