Zombie Book Ending Part 2

  • Sorry there isn't as much as the previous one. The next few days pasted dreadfully slow. The nights were plagued by nightmares about silent forests, people dying and letters that he could not finish writing. Those nights were leaving Angelo more and more stressed and tired. Rashan suggested that he should find something to occupy his mind so that these reoccurring nightmares would leave him. He suggested that he should find a girl, someone to occupy his mind, force him to center his thoughts on things other then what had happened in the past. There had not been a lot of women in Angelo’s life. Besides the secretaries he had there had only been a small handful of women that seemed to spark the interest of Angelo, but they had all been too far to touch or had already been taken. The one that had almost clicked and was the last one was a shy girl from California named Savanna. Angelo had met her after one of his long boring business meetings. She was working at the local coffee shop near his work in New York. The relationship didn’t work out. This had a terrible affect on Angelo, and it ended his attempts to get married. Angelo hated losing people, even at work when people quit it would send him into a period of solitude. The day finally came when his reply from Prof. Romero came back, and it was a yes. Prof. Romero had agreed to help him solve this problem but he said he would need a new lab with better equipment. Angelo was overjoyed! he hastily wrote his reply back to the Professor and then left quickly to hire the local builder to have him build a lab near his house. The months went by at a snails pace. The lab was quickly constructed and filled with equipment Angelo had bought and what Prof. Romero had brought over.
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