• Mm, music. Hmm. I really like alternative, but it seems most of the bands--erm, /all/ of the indie bands, or anything start singing songs about things, and either totally change them throughout the song from what it's originally supposed to be, or they just all sound the same. (i.e. Panic! At The Disco) I am completely obsessed with Fall Out Boy's new album; Infinity On High. "Take Over, The Breaks Over" has to be my favorite song out of all of them. Great overall tune, but also the different riffs they make in them are just briliant. All my friends are completely freakinging obsessed with dumbass Justin Timberlake, and his new "Love Sounds" CD. IT FREAKING SUCKS. God, people like him, (And everyone else,) sing about love, or their hearts being broken! I mean, comon! Isn't there world hunger, or /anything/ else in the world to sing about? Anywayyy. Yeahh. Byee.
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