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  • SM iOS v1.51

    by Brian Adams on March 23, 2015 The latest version of the SongMeanings app has been released. Read on for more information about what's new! Read More   No Comments
  • @mentions

    by Brian Adams on November 22, 2014

    We just rolled out a new feature to improve discussions on the site. Read on to learn more about @mentions.

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  • Search Improvements

    by Brian Adams on February 12, 2014

    The internal search feature has been updated to improve searching for content within SongMeanings. Read on to learn more and provide thoughts and suggestions.

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  • Mobile Notifications

    by Michael Schiano on October 11, 2013

    We rolled out mobile notifications like it's our job. Because it is our job. Much like our desktop notifications, you'll receive on-site and email alerts when users rate up or reply directly to your comments.

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  • Album Editing (Finally!)

    by Brian Adams on October 06, 2013

    We have been getting more and more requests to make adding/editing albums easier. Read on to learn more about new features we just added to do just this!

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  • Points system updates

    by Brian Adams on August 20, 2013 We're taking a break from our work to share a couple updates that we think you'll enjoy. Read on to learn more. Read More   1 Comment
  • Notifications

    by Michael Schiano on July 28, 2013

    Throughout the years (and it’s been many) we often heard the request for notifications. Users wanted to be notified when other users replied to their comments, they wanted to be able to follow forum threads and all the other follow/subscription tools that your everyday forum might have. Nothing revolutionary.

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  • dot com

    by Brian Adams on July 10, 2013

    You may have noticed a change when visiting SongMeanings recently. Read on to learn about our newest update.

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  • Mobile is all new!

    by Brian Adams on March 17, 2013

    We've just released a brand new version of the SongMeanings mobile site! Read on for all the deets and then point your phone at to check it out.

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  • Searching

    by Michael Schiano on February 13, 2013

    We're currently doing some maintenance on the server that supports our search engine. As a result, we are redirecting all search queries to Google.

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