Jackson Browne

In many ways, Jackson Browne was the quintessential sensitive California singer/songwriter of the early '70s. Only Joni Mitchell and James Taylor ranked alongside him in terms of influence, but neither artist tapped into the ... Read more
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Happy Song Mix
A lot of happy songs if someone needs some cheering up!
126 2 TheIntimindator27
The Power that Remains
The soundtrack to a novel I'm working on, all these songs appear in some form. Think of it as mood music.
30 10 Elephande
Catching Fire
Songs that remind me of the book.
23 3 anagirl
No Love Today
An appropriate playlist when you're in a bitter mood. The contrast between tracks 3 & 4 I'm particularly fond of.
12 0 davidecoyote
I came up with a compilation of songs that make me think after a relationship ends. My most recent one ended a few months ago and it has got...
25 0 harderman61
smilin dog's tunes for you
music that makes you feel something
28 2 smilindog9
Rising Free Debris
Moods at the moment.
10 0 RisingFree
Frustrated American
I created this Mixtape August 17, 2017 when our so-called president defended Nazis and racists. The Orange Bastard is tearing our Democracy ...
10 0 CPhilips
Nathan's Life Soundtrack
These are songs that seem to represent the many phases of my life.
3 0 nathanwnelson
2 0 orville
Music and the Good Life
I had to write a paper about what constitutes a good life, and I chose to write about music. Included in this playlist are songs that I talk...
12 0 MaelwysII

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