After surfacing in 2000 with the breakthrough single "Yellow," Coldplay quickly became one of the biggest bands of the new millennium, honing a mix of introspective Brit-pop and anthemic rock that landed the British quartet ... Read more
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heart. aches.
songs that remind you of your failed relationships
22 8 lunaleen
songs of December
Just a mash of songs that mention December in their lyrics =) Feel free to suggest any more!
11 9 musicgypsy
my favourite songs!!!!!!!!!!!
all the best of my soundtrack
5 0 naomieyeomans
12 26 Injera
Chronicles of a boring and predictable circumstance. Vol. 1
17 4 RockStamos
Smile - Facebook Word of the Day
Our Facebook fans provided us with some great answers to "What’s your favorite lyrics with the word “smile” in them?"
11 0 dan
Sad songs for dirty lovers
With all the crap you'd like to believe in.
21 1 neuroticvinyl
7 0 clarago
Music Madness 2014
64 0 mike
All my favourite stories (it's totally not original, I know)
It's basically a bunch of random and meaningful songs; they're probably going to completely unrelated to each other but somehow such songs a...
35 0 wizigod
I Miss You
Unrequited love. The subject that no one can ever stop singing about. That's why this mixtape brings you all the best, from "I Can't Stand Y...
83 2 sXe LEXXI
First love
It's about the evolution of my first love.
21 0 lovemegan
Songs to Ponder
These are just songs that make me think.
11 0 SparkleNShine
Trying to Forget You
30 0 taterbug1723
This is for you, Corinthia Ivey Brenner. I love you. If you see this, then this is goodbye. I'm off to paint a pretty picture with the conte...
15 4 BlandLavender
I recently went through a breakup, and made a playlist to listen to sum it up. Its a combo of the typical sad songs, with some hopeful song...
30 8 mmf28
Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
27 1 thewordgetsaround
Favorite Song Mix
Some of my favorite songs, all by different artists.
20 0 TheIntimindator27
Some of my favourite songs
45 0 Nerio
Totally random, random singers, bands, and music genres.
30 0 TheIntimindator27
Makes my world go round
Anything and everything I love
35 0 DumbWithLove
Songs about him
14 0 candelap
Music that Moves
Songs that choke me up. Make me stop whatever I'm doing and look off into the sky. Songs that hold an incredible meaning for me.
21 1 musicgypsy
Everything Just Bleeds
I wrote two playlists this summer, one in case things worked out well with this girl I was interested in, one in case they didn't. This is ...
12 2 davidecoyote
Songs To Describe ME
just songs that describe me
8 0 EmilyElise7
It's Easier for Me to Sing the Words I Want to Sing to You
Cliché: To the One that Got Away
11 0 eloquent
This Is Why We Fight
Continuing on the conviction of "She's Got You High", this playlist quickly meets with disappointment. It's the courage it summons in the e...
13 6 davidecoyote
10 0 switsea
elsa & dusty
indie rock wedding playlist
29 0 elong
Keep Breathing
19 0 alsweetlcoma
Bummer's Melody
Songs you would want to listen when you feel rejected, suffocated, out of place and totally alone. Songs that might tell you that the thing...
13 0 csobiono
Sick to the Bone
Just a tired feeling, of trying and not getting anywhere. But certainly getting older.
13 0 davidecoyote
26 0 DreamingOfRainbowButterflies
Get Up. Stand Up. Head Up. Chin Up. and Walk. We Will Be Ok Volume 1
30 0 cecilio
Before the Fall - Songs of Innocence
A collection of songs from a past relationship. This is the summary and the closure of my days of innocently violent love.
23 2 musicgypsy
Inside My Mind
All these songs describe my feelings at the moment in some way.
11 0 cosby13
For Charlie
A playlist I'd give to Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, one of my favorite books.
9 2 bananafish66
songs that i find this year, and will hype over at random times
16 2 alterEgo
Music to get trough a breakup
13 0 mpgomez20
Songs For The Soul
These songs will take you through a circle of emotions, designed to meet you where you are at, and take you to where you want to be (when it...
10 0 BlindScarlet
When I Hate Myself
Songs I listen to when I hate myself. Only when I hate myself. I don't hate these songs though, they're good songs. These are the only songs...
10 1 PsychoTrain
This is a list of the songs that got me through a long and hard recovery from a serious brain injury. The title comes from the titanium plat...
94 0 callianeira
life now Volume 1
live on the radio...
30 0 moonshadowbird396
I'm Yours pt. 2
30 1 Meguca
My Chill Mix
A cool mix I made for my girlfriend a while back, also one I can just relax to. This one is really moody, dark, and even sad- my kind of mus...
15 3 TtotheJ279
My favourites
This mixtape contains a variation of different types of genres.
30 1 Lewie9021
Jax's Mix
57 0 Mkiddie16
completely random. just some songs that make me smile, dance and cry.
30 1 racheladia
broken, lost and confused
28 0 Postmark
Songs About Girls
A pick-me-up for any girl feeling lonely; somebody out there loves you, and it's these sweet singers!
22 0 sXe LEXXI
J Mix
Awesome Mix 2
15 0 Jb145491
In Trouble Town
A playlist I wrote about a crush I had on a girl at work, and the decision to do something about it.
12 1 davidecoyote
Theme Songs
16 0 iamblair
Mellow Hype
Mellow songs, mostly alternative/folk, and, believe it or not, rap. Some make you feel good, some make you feel depressed - overall it's kin...
29 0 PandemiK
The Yay
All songs on the CD I play in my car. I named the CD "The Yay". A lot of cool songs.
10 0 MaoMao27
silver surfing...& some beach reggae! & grungy howl growl nights...
30 3 moonshadowbird396
Songs that leave me with chills running down my spine!
13 0 boyplu
Rowdy and Philosophical (Multi-genre)
So, despite my calmer first mixtape, I am certainly not in the sense calm or so as mentally calm. Smile-faces and sandwiches galore! (If ...
30 1 InariKitsune
my life and life in general in my own ways
a mix about how i am and my feelings towards my life and life in is really important in my life and is probably my only real f...
27 0 nikytann
Terribly, Terribly Deceived
Fictional band name: The Travelling Grave. Album title is "Terribly, Terribly Deceived". Quote: "The secret of life is to appreciate the ple...
18 0 Sue866
Loved and left.
Your love only lasted the 46 minutes it took to play these songs.
8 0 daylightrobber
My SoundTrack at the Moment
16 2 CindzSingz
I love this beautiful, crazy, awful, sometimes wonderful thing we call...LIFE.
30 0 ymandy75
Songs That Remind Me Of The Summertime
24 0 caseycocainejones
lyrical stuff
31 0 barrington
These are some songs that pretty much helped me through tough times.
22 0 JBrookex
Personal (Calm)
29 4 InariKitsune
♥ Volume 2
26 0 ghostthefestivals
A compilation of songs about the last year of school I had. It chronicles the mix of challenges and emotions I faced, with a satisfying res...
14 1 davidecoyote
Catching Fire
Songs that remind me of the book.
23 3 anagirl
Supernatural Mixtape
Songs I've listened to from other playlists or fanvids that always remind me of Supernatural's Sam&Dean <3
30 2 m4r4k1
Therian Mix
All songs that remind me of therianthropy.
7 2 EchiWolf
My Favs
30 0 Put2
My favorites, volume 2.
30 1 XNeverMind
Sandy Beach
A compilation that really sums me up. The intended audience is thinkers and idealists and pariahs and those who are "different"; those who ...
147 2 syndetic
This Boy | This Girl - Parallels
7 0 wand3rlust
So Impossible
My love song compilation. From infatuation to something meaningful.
12 0 davidecoyote
It's My Life
Songs that go well with my life at times. It's not always easy to tell what parts of my life are represented by these songs alone, however.
11 0 MaoMao27
My Faves
My favorite music.
8 0 Coldplayfanatic95
I miss you
When you really want the one that got away to come back and you miss them
24 1 UnicornTit
your playlist
you asked me to make you a playlist when we were together & I never did, until now. these are songs that make me think of you, songs that re...
30 0 rhonda74
30 0 whoshat
Thinkin about your body
just a mix to help me gather my thoughts about a certain someone ;) granted, some songs are corny....but oh hell, this person's corny! xD
18 2 musicgypsy
- to accompany an Itunes playlist.
30 0 emiml
its all about gold
1 0 rrh
Feeling Infinite
it's about being young and being scared of the future but above that, feeling utter glee about the things that didn't kill you and only made...
6 5 clariceandhersongs
Building a Mystery
13 0 rjotaduran
Before LY
24 0 anniefay
Falling Volume 1
- to accompany an Itunes playlist.
30 0 emiml
Love songs for Emma, forever ago. Get it? Get it? ;)
27 3 starkiller7
sometimes love
this is how i felt after my last breakup. from before, to during, to after. all of these songs are amazing, so i feel like they can be enjoy...
14 0 ronirs
Songs that make you feel like you're absorbed in the clouds, looking down at everything else...
13 7 XNeverMind
"Music that saves you when you're not sure you'll survive."
10 2 xmakesherflyx
All Time Favorites
17 0 SparkleNShine
Things I wish he'd say
basically just a list of songs that I wish he'd sing for me even though he left me a year ago.
15 1 UnicornTit
My mixtape is about my favorite songs, which means the songs that actually have great meaningful lyrics and great order of instruments, and ...
5 0 Mish9
songs which relate to the tragedy of oedipus
3 0 morgmj
Nosebleeds. Volume 1
songs I like.
26 0 outlawrunningfromlove
It's about feeling feels.
4 2 TheNorCalGuy
7 0 PAUL4ever
Spitting Games
15 0 DopeNose
2 0 soary
My favorites, volume 3.
30 0 XNeverMind
Songs to hear on a long bus ride.
11 1 omodaphne
30 0 sleighr
30 0 bestdamntapper
Deep Within
Simply put, songs that come from deep within. Where the lyrics mean something. No silly gimmicky songs. Just pure lyric brilliance. (Mix of ...
10 4 rhysus
Chansons de marin
Gus & Johnny, Ottawa
13 0 aukestrel
Summer/Spring 2012
Summer/Spring 2012 Playlist
30 0 Postmark
6 7 Jb145491
OK Favorite Lyrics
28 0 kulcu
2 0 taterbug1723
22 0 bestdamntapper
Of Importance
This is about my mood, in general. The feelings I can't describe with my own words have been put into song. Yay :)
7 0 GreenEyesAlways
Songs that remind me of the book. Mainly from Katniss' or Peeta's point of view.
27 2 anagirl
Ahead Of The Curve
I made it for a friend a while ago but I never got the chance to actually gift it. It has a lot of songs I liked that I thought really flowe...
11 3 SarahsMedely
The Mortal Instruments
songs that remind me of the book series The Mortal Instruments
7 1 CamberIsSo
Panic? Not today.
Just a mixtape containing some songs that I'd like to give to a friend of mine who's going through a rough patch. I'm mainly looking for son...
4 3 musicgypsy
Ginny Volume 1
18 0 sleighr
Songs for loss, mourning, and remembrence
9 0 0lmjohns0
I like 'em...OK
all kinds of faves I don't know where to start
409 1 ky24seehus
1178 0 kristellx0x0
Lun@tic's mix
This is dedicated to my late brother,through struggle and hardships there is good to come,I miss you!!!
18 0 superdunx
Keri's Songs
Just random ass songs i like to listen to
24 3 keridog
Just for singing
3 0 karlymorrig
Before and After
This is about the time of my life where my life began to change for the better-I enlisted in the Army, and it's the summer of 2004 (whilst w...
7 0 jenniferfo
Love Songs
5 0 TheRedDaisy
The Doctor and Rose
These songs describe the Tenth Doctor and his companion Rose's relationship. And you don't know how much it really means.
2 0 hogwarts
Songs I really like
Stuff I'm currently addicted to...
3 0 Skypath
To Be Misco Is To Love You
The songs I love. (WIP)
12 1 misco
Father Passing
Songs dedicated to the memory of my father who just passed on... I miss you dearly. He has gone on to be with Mom and is happy now.
19 2 Sue866
"vanessa is my valentine, she is so fine."
8 0 victorialeighhh
Fav Lyrics
17 0 kate22689
115 1 kristellx0x0
4 0 Cobralingus
Eleven or Five
Don't go there. Also, Dylan, go away. just kidding.
7 0 Rocketsocks
"It's not a bad idea. It's also not a good Idea either. Actually it's a bad Idea. I was wrong the first time." --Jim Edreef 2014
33 0 rosuko1214
New Love
Songs about the rush of feeling you get when a new relationship starts
16 0 mayankmrug
Hansel WIP
Inspiration for my new novel
1 0 smccabe29
The BEST Songs!
33 1 Meli75
my old faves 12/2008
19 0 mdurante
26 0 whoshat
Favorites Volume 1
22 0 jackie0711
Garden State soundtrack
Soundtrack from the film "Garden State" No lyrics for Sommerville's song.
16 1 thecrossbone
fave songs
45 0 SunsetCake
From Where I Stand
A few of my favourite songs.
18 0 invictus14
exit music
1 1 storm345931
Songs that make me happy
I said HAPPY!
8 0 Krista47
Calm before the sleep
Smooth melodies, acoustics...
9 0 jacob10208
Lovely songs when you're feeling miserable
13 1 Marleentje
For Louisa.
Embarrassing and kickass songs i have shared with you in the past 7 or so years we've known each other.
12 0 musicgypsy
Best of Coldplay
Here are my *subjectively* most favorite Coldplay songs!
3 1 addiscentis
Sentimental Parts
12 0 Graster
Awesome songs
im really into rock, so this playlist embodies that, but not just one type of rock. ALL TYPES!
31 2 flyleaf62
Chill To Your Spines
Mixtape about relaxing your brain after a long day......
48 0 imranreina
a ghost
2 0 Supermp3dj
22 0 ErinLittLe
Illustrating the relationship between Buffy and Spike. As it was, as it is, as it will ever be. (WIP)
12 0 misco
Music As Inspiration
Songs that mention music as an inspiration, music moves them, keeps them alive. Kinda like me!
26 0 Sue866
Whispers In The Dark
Everyone has those intimate moments with another soul, i'm just capturing the tiny whispers that float between others.
8 0 rikerross
love to hear any type of music
43 0 TheMidnightBlackCat
Alternative Party Mix 1
One of a seriesof mixtapes I have made for parties.
21 1 stjimmyrocks92
My Taste in Music
From soft spoken to loud and just...Dark, here are my favourite types of songs.
21 0 Burtonist4ever
He might never feel the same
This is the mixtape I would have send to him if I had the courage to.
31 1 soul97
Awesome songs.
4 0 caitlyngrisham
31 0 fallforindie
Sad music
bad breaks
40 0 akito_
eyes open
for lying on your bed on a wednesday night, your eyes wide open, with no intention of sleeping.
5 0 bonniebonbon19
feel god for a change
7 0 corrado
Songs that fit the moment where nothing seems right, in place, or how things should be.....
3 0 dengosra
spare me what you think.
14 0 KatePace
Past which hurts fast
3 0 Fpoet
Music "A serene solace for mind"
Music is a great piece of art.A perfect solace for a ripped soul.Creative imagination took part if u allow your mind & turn your utterly poo...
14 0 SMUSER17570324
Breakup songs
Songs about heartache, losing love and missing them after your relationship ended.
9 0 tela
25 0 alphapeyt
Love Pains
Just the general pains of love.
6 0 prettyinpisces
The songs that I can "feel infinite" to.
6 0 LunarLove
wierd but good???
wierd but supprisingly good songs
4 0 vinny91
7 3 Blague
Chansons pouvant te rendre triste et heureux...
Plein de chansons qui peuvent éventuellement faire pleurer ou rendre heureux après l'écoute.
7 2 MsAnais
Only the greatest
just my favorite songs! :)
12 1 16mkay
Depressing Songs
10 2 Noerr
Sweet Love Songs
Just the love songs that are simple, soft, and sweet.
8 0 pandalover1001
Poetry With Music
A bunch of songs that are actually poetry if you listen to the meanings.
7 0 dodgerblue
First mix
2 0 skyfenix
Love Songs
2 0 Noerr
1 1 acid123
My Favorite Music (Awesome)
Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie, All Time Low, Bastille and a few more of my favorites.
23 0 BonnieT
15 0 Ancap1899

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