Injecting a wider range of emotions into their music than most of their guitar-based British peers, Elbow have been known to refer to their orchestral, grandiose sound as "prog without the solos." The members of the band -- ... Read more
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black is how I feel inside
mixtape for lonely nights.
15 0 damnation
10 0 switsea
Songs to smile to
Don't worry be happy
12 4 lawlessdan
Special K
A plethora of random songs I threw together to listen to while walking to class.
16 0 fta92
Summer Waiting...
Chill, mellow, and intense songs. May add more later. But this is so far what I've got. ONE SONG WAS NOT ON THE LIST IS CALLED TO...
11 3 anchored
Katpuss' Licks
Music that inspires and is loved
17 0 katmakenian
love these.
25 0 lemonki
19 0 mremix
Fine, more beats.
To stop brooding.
8 0 Zowy
Smiling Just A Little Bit
16 0 thewordgetsaround
31 0 fallforindie
Grounds for Divorce
Alchohol addiction
3 0 22Pinkflamingo
To a friend.
14 0 doug673543
June - July 2012
The songs that stand out to me from these months.
8 2 musicgypsy

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