Ed Sheeran

Flame-haired singer/songwriter, beatboxer, and guitarist Ed Sheeran's eclectic blend of acoustic pop, folk, indie, and hip-hop has been championed by everyone from the underground grime scene to American Oscar winners. Born ... Read more
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Cool stuff, I think.
7 2 leftright
Music Madness 2014
64 0 mike
Lil' John always tells the truth.
15 0 ohmahon0903
20 4 pacer135
2 0 ShinyShadow
Songs to hear on a long bus ride.
11 1 omodaphne
Ed Sheeran
My mixtape is about Ed Sheeran songs because Ed has really inspired me and is by far my favorite artist ever.
3 1 LiannaV
Deep Within
Simply put, songs that come from deep within. Where the lyrics mean something. No silly gimmicky songs. Just pure lyric brilliance. (Mix of ...
10 4 rhysus
My Life As Of Late
As of late, I was dumped (and even without that) my life has been a little up and down. These are the songs I've lived in lately.
8 2 woahsydney12
6 0 ankaskakanka
hstyles/ltomlinson innit .x
21 0 heybeth
The Best
2 0 FindingForever
Why I hate drugs...
My cousin ruined his life because of the drugs. He didn't think he had a problem and always wondered why he'd lose friends and girlfriends.....
8 1 Cutten
Upbeat special
3 0 ankaskakanka
Goodbye Best friend
For when you are pissed at your friend and don't see things getting better. Also works if you were cheated on.
17 1 abmurray11
English Class Lyrics Volume 2
Lyrics to analyze for english class.
4 0 SaintEvrick
Mixed Drink MixTape
We asked our friends on Facebook what is the first lyrics they think of when they hear the word "drunk"? Here are some of their best answer...
10 0 dan
Best Expression of How REAL Love Feels
Lyrics I've found over the years that MOST ACCURATELY portray and express how it feels to love and be loved. Not lust or infatuation, fairy ...
2 1 ItsYours
Pop Ballads
My favorite pop ballads!
4 0 melomanie
sad songs in general
9 0 ankaskakanka
Give Me Love
Songs that I just absolutely love&make me happy.
23 0 syrainatron
For Louisa.
Embarrassing and kickass songs i have shared with you in the past 7 or so years we've known each other.
12 0 musicgypsy
Mix and Mash UP!
My favorite song, sang by my favorite artists.
14 0 c4rter5
Ed Sheeran
My favorite songs by Ed Sheeran.
6 0 Amaiyah
3 0 misstinamarie
lovesummers014's mixtape
Just songs I love :) <3
5 0 lovesummers014
31 0 fallforindie
My Taste in Music
From soft spoken to loud and just...Dark, here are my favourite types of songs.
21 0 Burtonist4ever
18 0 fillinginblanks
Music I listen to when I'm annoyed with the world.
I listen to these sort of songs just to escape to my own little world that only I can hear. Just to escape from all the ignorant and rude pe...
8 1 audrey430
The Story
8 0 MikeMilton
Music I listen to frequently.
2 0 karlamennie
spare me what you think.
14 0 KatePace
Haha jk ;) ily ed sheeran wtf
12 0 sopherz
lyrics Volume 3
lyrical stuff
25 0 barrington
good songs
2 0 ap0403
My Favourite Songs
5 0 elliphantkirk
Yea, these make me feel better.
songs that make a cloudy day a bit more sunnier.
34 0 sheeeeene
Ed Sheeran!!
Ed sheeran All The Way!!!
4 0 CamiBatista
6 0 ankaskakanka
Songs That feed my soul
6 0 deadtoady
All of these songs tell a story. You have to think twice and really think about the lyrics that you are listening to. These songs are very c...
43 0 Sarah247
Some of Ed's
13 1 marshaldempsey
emotional Songs
songs that create a strong emotion!
6 0 you107845
Feeling Lost
6 0 Emzee4life
Lisa 2012
1 0 lisakellin
ed sheeran
1 0 jords2013
cool songs!!!!
1 0 dahiggins

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