Cleverly using dance music blogs as the platform to launch his career, Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, has since become one of the most prominent producers on the burgeoning Swedish house scene. Born in Stockholm in 1989, Bergling ... Read more
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Music Madness 2014
64 0 mike
When I Hate Myself
Songs I listen to when I hate myself. Only when I hate myself. I don't hate these songs though, they're good songs. These are the only songs...
10 1 PsychoTrain
57 0 DizzyD312
For all you people that are bullied
This is my message for all you out there that are bullied or are feeling down (which is all of us sometimes). Some of it's a little cheesy, ...
5 6 unillama
Pisces, Neptune, and Mystics
Songs that evoke deep subjects of depression, drugs, suicide, and ethereal pull of the ocean, sea, rain, and snow.
48 2 Sue866
Songs I listen to on my Zune
69 0 Genesisfan
all me
24 0 countrygirl15
Something to Dance to by Olivia D. :)
This mix tape is basically an array of great songs to dance to, or just something to keep you upbeat.
8 0 leolivie
My favorite tracks
Some of my favorite tracks of all time.
3 0 ffsdfdsfsd
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