Sufjan Stevens

A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Detroit-born Sufjan Stevens started venturing into the music world while attending Hope College as a member of Marzuki, a folk-rock band based in Holland, MI. Following the ... Read more
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Really Good Love Songs! Volume 1
Perfect love songs for that special someone!
21 17 Audi0bl00d
Songs to Fall Asleep To
These are the songs I usually listen to when I'm lying in bed late at night trying to fall asleep.
9 25 rosiepeverell
Winter. Travel. Love.
This is the mix for Winter, for snow, for cold. This is the mix for the long public transport rides, for the long walks. Mainly, this is t...
18 2 AnonymousPlatypus
Trying to Forget You Volume 2
29 3 taterbug1723
songs for a rainy day.
Here are the songs ive put together that do one of three things, usually all in one. This is a mix of songs that make you think, that make y...
18 6 wagseee
Music from The OC
I don't even watch the OC, but I've found out that apparently they play some pretty decent music on the show :)
57 1 indiexchick
For Those Empty Nights
This is for all of those nights where I wasn't quite depressed. I wasn't angry. I wasn't happy. I was just apathetic.
13 3 snkpoe
one year after the broken bones
My boyfriend made this for me for Valentine's Day, one year after we first met (He called 911 when I got into an accident and broke both my ...
20 1 cassadilla
Songs for the lonely, heartbroken, and wrathful.
15 1 SirenSongofSadness
Putting the Fun in Funeral
Another funeral mix - how original, huh?
13 11 TheRandomGuy
Ballads of Love and Hate Vol. 3
30 0 littlehead
Postapocalyptic Party
Songs for the end of the world.
15 0 Mellow_Harsher
A Compilation of Folk
I made a mix for a friend of mine and was really satisfied with it and thought to post it here. Enjoy?
23 0 NovemberGhost
Teiladnam's Spectacular Mix From March Which Was 2 Months Ago But Whatever
Twice a year I fill a CD with songs and/or bands I want to listen to, with lots of attention paid to how well they fit together. This is the...
20 2 teiladnam
The Super Duper Fantastic Amazingly Terrific Uber-Stellar Adventure!
I do not know what this mixtape is supposed to be about. It can be a story or a random assortment of garbage. Whatever.. ya know?
14 4 Pieman1994
Rainy Sunday Afternoon
just some stuff i've been listening to lately, on rainy afternoons
33 1 eowyn797
Graveyard Girl
14 2 PaintMeAnything
Love Is All
15 0 PaintMeAnything
songs about a city
11 3 blamography
soundtrack to my life
17 0 superboots
Special Songs
17 0 chainreaction
21 0 mremix
songs that remind me of someone~
7 0 wendyswing13
Hail to the Thief
A playlist for a girl who could've stole your heart but went for the wallet instead.
14 0 heyagentk
Post Break-Up Songs
Like many people, I have been in a relationship with someone I cared about. What's more, it has sadly ended. It has been more than a year si...
15 2 FrazTHe
30 0 mremix
Please head North
get me through this year
10 0 jejolie
Remind me never to listen to this while high.
7 1 voxel
My life in a small tape
It's pretty much just songs that I love and mean a lot to me.
12 0 frontman17
Post Mater
A CD I made for myself after my mom passed away suddenly from cancer in 2007. These are the songs that ran through my head constantly, or h...
19 1 JackTHorn
And this is from my heart
For him.
15 0 dollylux
34 1 mathersaddiction
Duck Music
Serving Suggestion: Listen straight through to the end while picnicking on a canoe with your significant other. Or feel free to serenade y...
14 3 balloonbarrage
This is My Appreciation To You And Pride To Myself
The sounds of heart beats made of laughter, bitterness, and romance. It's light of dawn coming up from invisible night of struggling. It's a...
11 3 suinfinitor
Les Montagnes de Taupineres
made for him
11 0 snfavreau
32 0 scratcher
Quarry Hymns
11 0 PaintMeAnything
Folksy lovely eclecticum
The breeze, joyful sunshine, the moon through the trees, melodies, vox, and instrumentation with character, with a bit of love and the meani...
17 0 truestloveandtea
decently epic soundtrack
Great music. recommend to add. or just get into great music.
15 0 wagseee
All Time Favourites
8 1 rosiepeverell
the purples
a rhythmic, bittersweet & slightly existential collection of alternative goodies... mostly melodic rock and some instrumentals (the instrume...
9 0 sandpc
things that remind me, of you
3 0 thefirstdaysofspring
Deez Nuts
this mixtape is about deez nuts
4 0 Metre7
putting the mess back into christmas
30 1 fkngslp
Act II
The beginning of the third out of four phases
30 0 kirs10
iTunes Playlist
29 1 puibmka
My Life As Of Late
As of late, I was dumped (and even without that) my life has been a little up and down. These are the songs I've lived in lately.
8 2 woahsydney12
March 2012.
11 1 XNeverMind
Your special day
This mixtape is for someone very special in my life.
12 2 lovesautomatic
Slow Down
12 0 littlehead
Chica's Tape
10 0 ChunkyJ
For thos lost souls like me, in music we find who we are :)
7 2 Blurtopia
Tunes I'm loving this week!
Eh, yeah
9 0 PJudge
The best friend I've ever had has changed her entire personality. I can understand that; her mother died just months ago in a plane crash. B...
50 0 IsoldeGS
2 0 olivercollective
Keep It Down 2
3 1 hollowfellow
Beautiful Music
16 0 CorrinMarvelyn
5 0 everythingafter
Once apon a time
3 4 NWroller
wanna see each other again?
songs for the vanished and faded away
41 6 kirs10
Halloween Howls
A mixtape for the spookiest of holidays. Monsters! Mayhem! Music!
36 0 Mellow_Harsher
Low Times
Things to feel down about
8 1 panic_manic
7 3 Blague
my mixtape
5 0 xorachellynn

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