Rascal Flatts

Known for their slick-sounding singles and appealing to a more youthful demographic, Rascal Flatts feature Gary LeVox (born July 10, 1970), Jay DeMarcus (born April 26, 1971) and Joe Don Rooney (born Sept. 13, 1975). ... Read more
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Acoustic Medley: Like I Am/While You Loved Me/It's Not Just Me0
All Night To Get There0
American living0
Are You Happy Now0
Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me2
Backwards [Acoustic]0
Better Now1
Bless The Broken Road59
Bless the Broken Road [Acoustic]0
Bless the Broken Road [Live]0
Bless the Broken Road [Remastered Version]0
Bob That Head1
Break Away0
Bubbas Girl0
Come Wake Me Up4
Cool Thing7
Day Before You2
DJ Tonight0
Dry County Girl2
Encore:Foreplay/Long Time, Free Ride1
Every Day9
Fallin' Upside Down0
Falling Upside Down1
Fast Cars And Freedom16
Fast Cars and Freedom [Remastered Version]0
Feels Like Today15
Feels Like Today [Remastered Version]0
Foreplay/Long Time/Free Ride0
From Time To Time1
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen0
He Ain't the Leavin' Kind17
Head Over Heels0
Help Me Remember1
Here Comes Goodbye15
Here's to You0
Heres To You5
Holdin' On2
Honeysuckle Lazy0
Hot In Here0
How Strong Are You Now0
How Strong Are You Now?3
I Can Almost0
I Feel Bad8
I Have Never Been To Memphis0
I Like the Sound of That0
I Melt11
I Melt [#]0
I Melt [Remastered Version]0
I Was Born To0
I Won't Let Go8
I Won’t Let Go0
I'll Be Home for Christmas0
I'll Be Home For Christmas [*]0
I'm Movin' On47
I'm Movin' On [Remastered Version]0
I'm On Fire0
It's Not Just Me8
It's Not Supposed to Go Like That4
Jingle Bell Rock0
Jingle Bell Rock [*]0
Lean on Me0
Lean on Me [#]0
Life Is a Highway20
Life Is a Highway [*]0
Life is a Highway [From Cars]0
Life Is a Highway [From Disney/Pixar's Cars]0
Life is a Highway [Remastered Version]0
Life is a Highway, song0
Life is a Highway, song [From Cars]0
Life's a Song0
Like I Am5
Long Slow Beautiful Dance1
Long Time, Free Ride0
Love Another Day1
Love Who You Love1
Love You Out Loud0
Love You Outloud4
Mayberry [Remastered Version]0
Me and My Gang10
Medley: I'm Movin' On/Skin (Sarabeth)/Feels Like Today0
My Wish54
My Wish [Remastered Version]0
My Worst Fear2
Night of Our Lives0
No Reins7
Nothing Like This0
Oklahoma-Texas Line1
One Good Love2
One Good Love [#]0
Powerful Stuff0
Prayin' For Daylight8
Prayin' For Daylight [Remastered Version]0
Red Camaro0
Sarah Beth7
Secret Smile3
See Me Through1
See Me Through [#]0
She Goes All the Way6
She'd Be California0
Shine On0
Skin (Sarabeth)0
Skin (Sarabeth) [Remastered Version]0
Some Say4
Stand [Remastered Version]0
Still Feels Good2
Summer Nights4
Summer Nights [D/E][Version]0
Summer Young0
Sunday Afternoon0
Take Me There7
The Day before you1
The Glory of Life0
The Man in Love with You0
The Mechanic0
Then I Did4
These Days31
These Days [Remastered Version]0
They Try1
Things That Matter0
This Everyday Love2
To Make Her Love Me3
Tonight Tonight0
Too Good Is True1
Twist Of Magic3
Waiting All My Life1
What Hurts The Most151
What Hurts the Most [Remastered Version]0
When the Sand Runs Out0
When The Sands Run Out7
Where You Are3
While You Loved Me7
White Christmas0
White Christmas [Original Version] [*]0
Why Wait0
Why Wait?0
Winner at a Losing Game12
Words I Couldn't Say5
Yes I Do6
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