Song Name   Comments
25 Minutes0
25 Minutes [Instrumental]0
25 Minutes [Live]0
A Different Song0
A Kiss in the Rain0
African Queen0
Angel Eyes0
Blue Night0
Blue Night [Instrumental]0
Breaking my heart0
Breaking My Heart [Alternative Version][Alternate Take]0
Breaking My Heart [Instrumental]0
Breaking the Rules0
Come on and Dance0
Complicated Heart1
Complicated Heart [Instrumental]0
Complicated Heart [Live]0
Crazy Dream0
Digging Your Love0
Don't Have To Lose2
Eternal Flame0
Everything I Planned0
Final Destination0
Fools Direction0
Forever and a Day0
Ghost of You0
Gone After Midnight [CD Only]0
Hit by a Feeling0
Home to You0
Hot to Handle0
How Many Hours0
How Many Hours [Instrumental]0
I Still Carry On0
I Still Carry On [Instrumental]0
I Still Carry One0
I Wanna Dance0
I'm Gonna Be Around0
I'm Gonna Be Around [Instrumental]0
I'm Gonna Be Around [Radio Version]0
I'm Gonna Come Back0
If You Leave My World0
It's Gonna Make Sense0
Judgement Day0
Laugh and Cry0
Let's Build a Room0
Looking at Love0
Love Will Never Lie1
Love Will Never Lie [Instrumental]0
Love Will Never Lie [Live][#][*]0
More Than a Friend0
My Blue Angel0
Naked Like the Moon0
Nothing To Lose0
Nothing to Lose [Instrumental]0
Ocean of Love0
One Way Street0
Out of the Blue0
Out of the Blue [Live]0
Paint My Love0
Paint My Love [Instrumental]0
Romantic Balcony0
Sleeping Child0
Sleeping Child [Instrumental]0
Sleeping Child [Special Remix]0
Someday [Instrumental]0
Someday [Live][#][*]0
Something Right0
Something You Should Know0
Strange Foreign Beauty1
Strange Foreign Beauty [Album Version]0
Strange Foreign Beauty [Instrumental]0
Stuck in the Heat0
Take Me To Your Heart4
Take Me to Your Heart [Instrumental]0
Take off Your Clothes0
Tell It to Your Heart0
That's why (you go away)2
That's Why (You Go Away) [Instrumental]0
That's Why [You Go Away]0
The Actor0
The Actor [Instrumental]0
The Actor [Live][#][*]0
The Ghost of You0
The Ghost of You [#]0
This Is Who I Am0
Watch Your Back0
Whatever It May Take0
Wild Women0
Wild Women [Instrumental]0
Wild Women [Live]0
You Keep Me Running0
You Took My Heart Away0
You Took My Heart Away [Instrumental]0
You'll Never Know0
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