Song Name   Comments
A Love Song0
A Love Song0
All Alone Tonight0
All I Ask0
All the Pretty Little Ponies0
Always, in All Ways0
Angels in the Snow0
Angry Eyes0
At Last0
Back to Avalon0
Birth Energy0
Blue on Blue0
Celebrate Me Home7
Christmas Time Is Here0
Cody's Song0
Conviction Of The Heart4
Coventry Carol0
Daddy's Back0
Danger Zone20
Danger Zone [From Top Gun]0
Danny's Song7
Don't Fight It0
Don't Fight It [*]0
Down in the Boondocks0
Dream Weaver0
Easy Driver0
Enter My Dream1
Flying Dreams0
Flying Dreams [From the Movie the Secret of Nimh]0
Footloose [Album Version]0
Footloose [DVD Video]0
Footloose [From Footloose]0
For The First Time0
For the First Time [From One Fine Day]0
Give It Half a Chance0
Hana Aluna Lullabye0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas0
Heart to Heart0
Heartlight [Album Version]0
Hope for the Runaway0
I Am Not Hiding0
I Believe in Love0
I Don't Want to Hate You Anymore0
I Gotta Try0
I Miss Us0
I Would Do Anything0
I'll Be There0
I'm Alright6
I'm Alright (Theme from Caddyshack)0
I'm Alright [Theme from Caddyshack]0
I'm Free (heaven Helps The Man)4
I'm Gonna Do It Right0
I'm Gonna Miss You0
I've Got the Melody (Deep in My Heart)0
If It's Not What You're Looking For0
If You Be Wise0
If You Believe0
Isabella's Eyes0
It Must Be Imagination0
It's About Time0
Just Breathe0
Keep the Fire0
Kenny Loggins0
Lady Luck0
Leap of Faith0
Let the Pendulum Swing0
Let There Be Love0
Love Has Come of Age0
Love Will Follow0
Meet Me Half Way2
Mr. Night0
My Father's House0
Night Watch0
No Doubt About Love0
No Lookin' Back0
No Other Voice0
Nobody's Fool (Theme from Caddyshack II)1
Nobody's Fool [Theme from Caddyshack II]0
Now and Then0
Now or Never0
Now That I Know Love0
Now That I Know Love [Album Version]0
On Christmas Morning0
One Small Voice0
One Woman0
Only a Miracle0
Playing With The Boys9
Playing With the Boys [Dance Mix][*]0
Playing With the Boys [From Top Gun]0
Rainbow Connection0
Return To Pooh Corner15
Set It Free0
She's Dangerous0
Some Children See Him0
Somebody Knows0
St. Judy's Comet0
Swear Your Love0
Sweet Reunion0
Tell Her0
The Art of Letting Go0
The Bells of Christmas0
The Christmas Song0
The Horses2
The Last Unicorn1
The More We Try0
The One That Got Away0
The Real Thing3
The Rest of Your Life0
The Unimaginable Life0
This is it2
This Island Earth0
Too Early for the Sun0
True Confessions0
Turn Around0
Two of Us0
Vox Humana0
Wait a Little While1
Walking in the Air0
Watching the River Run0
Welcome to Heartlight0
What a Fool Believes0
Whenever I Call You 0
Whenever I Call You Friend0
White Christmas0
Who's Right, Who's Wrong0
Why Do People Lie0
Will It Last0
Will of the Wind0
With This Ring0
You Don't Know Me0
Your Heart Will Lead You Home0
Your Heart Will Lead You Home [From the Tigger Movie]0
Your Mama Don't Dance0
Your Spirit and My Spirit0

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